Comparison before and after sport court revived with Polytrol

Case Study: 19 Year old sport court revived with Polytrol

We have recently received a fantastic case study from a customer that used Polytrol to revive their 19-year-old sport court.

Riley had a sports court that had been sun-bleached by UV rays and damaged from dirt and pollution. They asked for a quote from a flooring specialist and they quoted over $6,000 to treat it.

At that price, as you can imagine, Riley decided to look elsewhere for another option. They then found Owatrol Polytrol.

What is Polytrol?

They decided to try Owatrol Polytrol, a product that restores the original color and appearance of dull or tarnished plastics, gelcoats, metals and other surfaces. It penetrates the surface, re-wetting the pigments to restore their luster and color which has been lost through exposure to sunlight, rain and pollution. It is fast-acting, easy to apply and can used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

sport court revived with Polytrol

Here’s what Riley had to say about their experience with Polytrol:

Our Sport Court is 19 years old and, according to the local Sport Court rep, the oldest court in Central Florida still owned by the original owner. It looks like brand new. I absolutely 100% recommend Polytrol for a project like this. Sport Court quoted us over $6,000 to treat the court.

I applied the Polytrol and did the entire project for about 10% of the quoted price. I guarantee it turned out better than it would have with Sport Court doing the work. 5 stars across the board and highly recommended!

The difference is night and day!

As you can see, the before and after shots show the difference that Polytrol has made to the sports court. The once dry and grey looking surface has now been restored back to being green and vibrant.

How to apply Polytrol

  • Clean the surface with warm soapy water or Net-Trol. Then, rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry for a minimum of 24 hours depending on the surface.
  • Apply Polytrol liberally to the surface and allow it to work for 10 – 20 mins. If the surface absorbs the Polytrol unevenly (i.e. some matte and some shiny patches) move any surplus oil from shiny areas to matte areas.
  • Wipe off any excess Polytrol with a lint-free cloth before it becomes tacky.
  • For a shinier finish, buff the surface with a lint-free polishing cloth.

For more information about application, please refer to the Polytrol product page, here.

We are very happy that Riley was so happy with the results. We wish you many more happy years using your sport court!

For more information on how Polytrol can help you with your next project, please click here.

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37 thoughts on “Case Study: 19 Year old sport court revived with Polytrol

  1. That is our court; I did the work myself; and, those pictures speak for themselves. My wife and I surveyed the internet, You Tube, and everywhere possible looking for a solution. She found Polytrol and it was a Godsend. The difference is unreal. And the company is a pleasure to deal with.

    1. Just out of curiosity, as I also have a 15+ year old sport court and found this page, how has this held up? Does it still look good? How many 0.5 quart containers did it take? Ours is a tennis court thanks!

      1. Hey Andrew – curious if you went ahead and applied this product to your court. I have a sport court with plastic tiles built in the early 2000’s about the same size as yours. I live in the northwest so would be curious to know how it holds up in the rain/cold winters and hot summer sun. Thanks.

  2. Riley, Andrew or anyone else that has done this to their sports court.

    My question is whether it makes the court “slippery” or did it maintain the same grip when playing on it?

    1. Hello Tom,

      Thank you for your interest in our products.
      To answer your question about Polytrol making your sport court slippery, it won’t.
      As to the difference, Polytrol unlike other products, which tend to just sit on the surface and give them a shine, penetrates the surface and physically rejuvenates the color pigment so restoring the color of the faded surface. Since Polytrol penetrates the surface and does not create a film then there is no risk of any peeling, flaking or slippery.

      Hope it helps !

  3. Hi Andrew,
    I have the same sport interlocking plastic tiles on my huge deck that have weathered over 20 years. could you please tell me the exact can of polytrol you used so i can go ahead and order
    Thank you

    Joy Canada

  4. should i use the marine or standard product for these plastic tile courts? i live in New York and my court cooks in the summer w\ the heat!

    how long should i expect the new finish to last?

    1. Hello Andy,

      You should use our Polytrol product. If your court is directly exposed to the sun, you might have to reapply another coat few months later (spring 2021) – but it really depends on how faded the court is and the desired look.

      Hope it helps !

    1. Hi David,

      Polytrol is a deep penetrating oil, it penetrates the surface, re-wetting the pigments to restore their luster and color which has been lost through exposure to sunlight, rain and pollution and it also gives corrosion protection. Polytrol can be used to restore the color to plastic, metal, stone and composite wood. It also rejuvenates marble, tiling and red floor tiles. It is very simple to use and also requires minimal effort. Let us know about your project and we will be happy to help with any questions you may have 🙂

  5. The matte flex court has interlocking tiles that are vertical ridges if you know what I mean. Does the product need to be brushed on so the product seems down the sides ?

    1. Hi there
      With regards to your question. If the vertical sides are not visible then you do not need to apply the product by brush. If the sides are visible and faded then the use of a brush to work it down the sides would be good.

      1. hi – can you apply polytrol with a paint commercial paint sprayer to the sport court, or does it have to be rolled on? also, do you sell it in cans larger than a quart? thanks!

        1. Hi Kevin
          We wouldn’t advise it, the main reason for this is you should always work in areas that can be completed 10-20 min. So by using a sprayer you may miss bits that have become saturated for longer. The excess needs to be wiped off before it becomes tacky. At the moment we only sell Polytrol in 0.5L sizes (0.53US Quart) but you could also use Marine Polytrol which comes in a 1L (1.06US Quart) size 🙂
          The Owatrol Team

          1. thanks abby- can it be applied with a paint roller? doing by hand with a brush would be tedious. also, is there a downside to using the marine version vs std polytrol?

          2. Hi Kevin,
            Yes you could use a roller, use a very short pile one and then wipe off the excess with a dry roller.
            No, no downside at all to using Marine Polytrol, it will give the same effect 🙂
            Let me know how you get on
            The Owatrol Team

        2. We are wanting to apply polytrol to our sport court as it is faded and several years old. We are having white basketball court lines painted on ours by the sport court people later this month. Should we apply the polytrol before or after they paint the lines? Also, we live in UT so we get extreme heat and cold. What does the outside temp need to be in order for best results? Our sport court sits on top a of cement pad that is approx. 30’ x 30’. Will the polytrol stain the cement? I’m asking that question in case for any reason we ever want to rip out the sport court at some point, will we have permanently discolored the cement? And what is the best way to apply it?

          1. Hi Laurie
            I have just spoken to your husband on the phone, any questions at all please give me a call and I will be happy to help you further

          2. I have all the same questions! We just did a tiny bit of our court and it is absolutely amazing- it looks brand new, i can’t really believe it. Did it discolour the cement underneath on your court? and how many tins did you need? Thanks!!

  6. Very excited about this. We have a faded sport court and this may be our answer. Please send me how and were to get the polytrol. I read that net-trol is for wood. Can I clean the court with this before applying polytrol. Thanks for great post

      1. Hi Abby

        Have the same sportcourt questions as many above can you give me a call at 908-313-7150 to discuss. Very excited for what I have seen.

        Thank you
        Reese Kirchofer

  7. Hello. I also have a 10+ year sport court which is faded from the sun. I am interested in using your product and would like to learn more. I would also like to know if the product Steens or discolors the concrete underneath the sport court.

  8. Same questions as above. Best way to apply to basketball court. How much will I need for the entire court. Will it affect the underlying concrete. How do I order it. Thanks.

    1. Hi Keith
      To apply Polytrol to your sports court you can either use a brush or a very fine pile roller, work in areas you can complete in around 10-15 minutes.
      With regards to the concrete underneath, if the product did seep through, this would be very minimal, Polytrol penetrates the substare it is applied to, rather than sitting on the surface.
      If any product did happen to seep through, we have a product called Aquanett which is an oil remover and this would clean away any marks.
      The amount you would need to complete your court would depend on the size and how sun/weather damaged the court is. You may need to apply a second coat to certain areas as some may fade at different rates.
      There is a coverage calculator on our product page for reference. You can order the product directly from our website.
      Please feel free to get in touch if I can help you further at

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