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One of the best ways to see how effective Owatrol products are is from before & after pictures.
Take a look and see these beautifully finished projects for yourself.

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5 uses for polytrol

What is Polytrol? Polytrol is a deep penetrating oil which restores the original color and appearance of dull or tarnished plastics, gelcoats, metals and more! It penetrates deep into the surface and re-wets the pigments to restore their lustre and *color which has been lost through exposure to sunlight, rain and pollution. When used on tarnished […]

Sunbeds before and after being treated with Net-Trol and Textrol

As we head into the autumn, many of us are starting to think about moving our garden furniture indoors, away from the harsh winter weather. But before you put your wooden sun beds away until the warm spring days next year, it’s worth taking the time to give them a spruce-up. It may seem a […]


We love love love Polytrol here at Owatrol but we think it’s such an undervalued product and we’d love you to try it out. It has so many possible uses and it’s beyond easy to use! Polytrol color restorer revives the color and appearance of many different types of surfaces including plastics, GRPs, metal, paint […]