Color restorer for dull or faded surfaces including car trims

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  • Available in 0.5L (0.53 US quart)
  • Restores the color and appearance of dull and faded surfaces caused by exposure to sunlight, rain and pollution
  • Deep penetrating oil that restores the original look and

    finish to gelcoat, plastic, metal and other surfaces

  • Protects against corrosion and blemishes
  • On bare metals Polytrol restores the shine and protects against corrosion

Polytrol is a deep penetrating oil which restores the original color and appearance of dull or tarnished plastics, gelcoats, metals and other surfaces. It penetrates the surface, re-wetting the pigments to restore their luster and color which has been lost through exposure to sunlight, rain and pollution and it also gives corrosion protection.

When used on tarnished metals, it brings back the shine and gives long-term protection against corrosion.

Simple to apply using a cloth or soft brush, it’s ready to wipe off in just 10 minutes! It can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces and can even be used on fibreglass (GRP). Polytrol dries to a tough and long-lasting flexible finish which does not leave a film – so it won’t peel or flake.

Ideal Uses for Polytrol Color Restorer

  • Brightening faded car bumpers
  • Reviving the gelcoat on your boat
  • Restoring the shine to metal fixtures
  • Rejuvenating flat or chalky paint dulled by weathering
  • Brightening the surface of tiles in stone, terracotta, marble, slate, etc.
  • Reviving the color of faded garage doors


DO NOT use Polytrol on white surfaces, it will not work as Polytrol is designed to restore pigments.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, grime and mildew. All waxes, polishes, silicone etc. should be completely and thoroughly removed. Treat any mildew with a 50:50 bleach and water solution. Scrub the solution on to the surface and allow it to stand for 10-15 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Using Polytrol on plastic, gelcoat, tiles, painted surfaces etc.

Clean the surface with warm soapy water or Net-Trol, rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry for a minimum of 24 hours depending on the surface.

Using Polytrol on stone, brick, etc.

Clean the surface with Net-Trol, rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry for a minimum of 24 hours depending on the surface.

Using Polytrol on metal

Clean the surface with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly or use an appropriate solvent (follow manufacturer’s instructions). Leave the surface to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Application of Polytrol Color Restorer

General directions

Always work in areas that can be completed 10-20 minutes to ensure an even appearance.

If the surface absorbs the Polytrol unevenly (i.e. some matte and some shiny patches) move any surplus oil from shiny areas to matte areas.

Wipe off any excess Polytrol with a lint-free cloth before it becomes tacky.

For a shinier finish, buff the surface with a lint-free polishing cloth.

Applying Polytrol to plastic, gelcoat, tiles, painted surfaces etc.

Apply Polytrol liberally and evenly with a brush or cloth. Allow it to work for 10-20 minutes. Wipe off any excess with a clean lint-free cloth. Leave it to dry.

Applying Polytrol to stone, brick, etc.

Apply Polytrol liberally and evenly with a brush or cloth and leave it to work for 10-20 minutes. Brush out or wipe off any excess Polytrol with a clean lint-free cloth. Leave it to dry.

Applying Polytrol to metal

Apply Polytrol using fine wire wool (000 grade) soaked in Polytrol and allow it to work for 10-20 minutes. Wipe off any excess Polytrol with a clean lint-free cloth. Leave to dry.

Note: Polytrol is not a surface coating. Its place is in the surface, not on top.


Maintenance is due when Polytrol treated surfaces shows signs of fading. Prepare and re-treat surfaces as directed above.

Clean Up

Clean any tools used with white spirit. Polytrol is non-flammable, however, any rags, steel wool etc. soaked in Polytrol may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Rags, steel wool etc must be saturated with water after use or placed in a sealed, water-filled metal container, before disposing of them with household waste. Rags may be laid flat and air-dried before discarding.

Things to Remember

  • Cover and protect everything you do not wish to treat.
  • Apply between +5°C and +35°C.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or on to hot surfaces.
  • Do not allow excess Polytrol to dry and create a film on the surface (always remove excess product).
  • Do not use Polytrol on white surfaces.

35 reviews for Polytrol

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  1. Avatar

    T Abruzzese Verified Owner

    Garage Door application. Las Vegas NV.

    Garage door went from oxidized faded mess to an overnight miracle! Don’t paint your garage door! I wish I could put pictures on here.

    Polytrol works. Even if application has to be repeated every couple of years, the cost savings vs painting is ten fold.

    The biggest feature to the front of our home is now new again.

    The SW SUN is brutal on metal surfaces.

    • Avatar


      Hi there T Abruzzese
      Thank you so much for the review!
      We love before and after pictures at owatrol, please feel free to email sales@owatrolusa.com
      Thank you

  2. Avatar

    Aaron Larson Verified Owner

    I’m another satisfied sport-court-revivor. It brought back the color and didn’t make it slippery. I feared it would feel Data from the Goonies just cleaned it with his ‘slick shoes’, but it kept the same grip on the court.

    • Avatar


      Hi Aaron
      Thank you for the review! Please feel free to send us any pics
      We love before and after pictures at Owatrol

  3. Avatar


    This stuff doesn’t really work when trying to restore your faded garage door. I bought some and placed it as recommended. I saw no difference. I recommend saving your money for a new garage door in he future.

    • Avatar


      Hi Steve,
      I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience with our product. Please get in touch with us and we can have a look into this for you. Occasionally the color is too far gone for Polytrol to revive it. A good way to check if Polytrol will work on your surface is to take a cup of fresh water, pour it over the surface you wish to treat, if the color comes back when wet then Polytrol will work, if it doesn’t then I’m afraid Polytrol will not work on the surface.

  4. Avatar

    Frank Saverino Jr Verified Owner

    Product did a fantastic job restoring our Sport Court. After 18 years in direct sunlight the court finally needed a face lift. We where quoted $6500.00 to refinish the tiles hence the reason we searched and found this product.
    16 cans 2 rollers and beautiful weather is all it took to make our court look great!

    • Avatar


      Hi Frank,
      AMAZING! Thank you for the review of our product 🙂
      The Owatrol Team

  5. Avatar

    Mark Verified Owner

    This is a great product, I used it on my garage doors and on the vinyl fence. It brought out the colors beautifully and made them appear as new. I hope it lasts years to come.

  6. Avatar

    Aaron J Verified Owner

    Didn’t work on my front door at all. Have a faded composite door. After 5 coats no change to the color of the door. Sent a picture to the tech team and all they said was the door was too faded to restore. The door is barely faded. Don’t waste your money.

    • Avatar


      We are sorry that you have had a negative experience using Polytrol. If the door had some sort of clear coat (normally anti-uv) applied over the top of the colored composite at the time of manufacture then the Polytrol cannot get to the pigments as the clear coat is stopping the Polytrol from penetrating. If your substrate is particularly badly damaged and the piogmentation has faded to such a point that it is not recoverable then it is possible that Polytrol will not be able to recover it. A tip is to pour half a cup of water over the faded areas. If the color shows back while still wet then Polytrol will work, if not then the door is to faded and Polytrol will not work.
      The Owatrol Team

  7. Avatar

    Mike Flynn Verified Owner

    I applied Polytrol to my faded vinyl garage doors. This stuff is amazing. The doors look brand new.

    • Avatar


      Hi Mike
      Fantastic, thanks for the review 🙂
      The Owatrol Team

  8. Avatar

    J Long Verified Owner

    Works awesome!!Used on my sport court and it looks like new . But I need more And it’s out of stock . Hope it comes in soon !!!

  9. Avatar

    Cheri Verified Owner

    Love, Love, Love! So easy and great results! After many rainy days we finally were able to prep the doors and apply Polytrol . It went on so quickly and effortlessly it was surprising. All my family and friends are sold on it- all it has to do it hold up for a reasonable amount of time . They all want my feedback. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  10. Avatar

    Cheri Verified Owner

    Finally the rain stopped and we were able to use your product. We can’t stop raving! It’s no wonder you are out of stock all my Facebook friends must be buying! Unbelievable results! Finished the 2 car garage door yesterday and it looks brand new! Waiting till shade later in the day to do the other door! No one can believe the difference!

  11. Avatar


    Tried lots of different products to revive a very faded 8 year old black composite front door.
    I was sceptical as I always am about online reviews, but this stuff really does do the job!
    Plenty in the tub, probably used about 1/8 of it on the door as I lashed it on.
    All together took about an hour or so. Hopefully it’ll last a while before needing to be done again but the time took I’d gladly use it every 6 months if needed

  12. Avatar

    John Mcwhorter Verified Owner

    We used polytrol to revitalize our sport court. You’re help with the quantity of product was very helpful and accurate, the result was fantastic.

  13. Avatar


    This is a good product.
    The product was easy to use and made a very noticeable difference in the way the plastic tile that I applied to looked.

  14. Avatar

    Abadi Itzhak

    Surprisingly amazing product!

  15. Avatar

    Emma A

    Really easy to apply – very much the same effort as polishing a car, didn’t take long at all and has bought my five year old grp door back to life! I washed the door with a household degreaser and dried well with a tea towel. A couple of hours later I dried the door again then applied a small amount of polish with one microfibre cloth and polished it off with a second cloth, doing one section of the door then moving to the next.
    Highly recommended!

  16. Avatar

    Dianne McDermott

    Made my front door look brand new!! used it on plastic metal and painted surfaces. works great!!!

  17. Avatar

    Irene D. Verified Owner

    This product is nothing short of a miracle!

    We restored faded trims and polymer panels on our daughter’s Honda Element to brand new in no time. Anyone who owns an E needs this. The product applies with a paint brush and really spreads out. We did all panels and trims with half a can (250ml) in less than one hour. You’ll be amazed at the results!

    Shipping to Canada was fast, just a few days.

    Owatrol please contact Canadian Tire and have them read my review.

    • Avatar

      Sophie Mamann

      Thank you for your review Irene, we will see what we can do 🙂

  18. Avatar

    A thankful customer!

    Great! Worked better than expected.

  19. Avatar

    Rachel A La Fleur

    How did I live without this?! I’ve made my garage door handles, deck box and outdoor lanterns all look like new.

  20. Avatar


    Great product to renew faded Garage Doors and after application on January 2017 it has now faded due to severe sun exposure, HOT dry climate, and Dark Brown color which absorbs heat. The upper door section which is shaded by the roof overhang is still in great condition so I’ll have to reapply like before with a cloth rag to get into the nooks & crannies of the embossed metal doors. EZ to apply or touch up and wipe off excess with a dry towel…RECOMMENDED….

  21. Avatar

    Brad Patterson

    The front of my 2013 sunset trail camper started fading the year after I bought it. It was a shiny brown but quickly turned into a dull grey. I tried several products but with no results. I then read about polytrol and all the good reviews. I would recommend this product to anyone. It brought back the color and shine. I also used it on the propane cover. Completely satisfied.

  22. Avatar


    Our composite door has been badly faded in the sunlight over the past couple of years. Have tried various products to try and rejuvenate the finish but nothing has worked. Upon a internet search we came across this product which to be honest, sounded too good to be true. However we ordered and have been totally astonished…..

    Applied to the door with a cloth. Waited 20 minutes then buffed with another cloth. The finish was much improved. The following day we applied a second coat and decided just to leave to dry. It duly dried as a fabulous gloss finish which has just brought out the colour of the door – just like new. We are so pleased with this result.

    Plenty in the tin so we will probably apply twice a year in future to keep the door looking fabulous

    Highly recommend this product

  23. Avatar

    Valerie Morgan

    The Polytrol arrived an hour ago. I had washed the door already and it was dry. I am 78 and wanted to surprise my husband. Wow – was he surprised when he came back ! – it was dark brown originally and ended up being streaky shades of brown, timber effect. Now it is even all over in a shade of mid brown (still has the timber effect) and looks almost as good as new. Will be ordering some for my friend once she see it !

  24. Avatar

    Bouss Verified Owner

    I bought an used bike for my daughter. looks like mat orange color. 5 minutes of Polytrol were enough to make it shine again! really impressive.

  25. Avatar

    Barbara M

    My composite burgundy red front door had faded to an unsightly shade of pink. It ruined the whole appearance of the front of the house but, as a composite, I was unable to either paint or varnish it. I came across this product by chance while researching what other options there might be and, in light of very positive reviews from others, decided to give it a try. All I can say is ‘wow’. The transformation to the door is unbelievable. It looks like new again. The product is an oil which is applied, left for a while, then buffed to produce outstanding results. Highly, highly recommended

  26. Avatar

    Mr Niel Stewart

    Sceptical to say the least. 6-7 year old south facing UPVC door that used to be red. Turned a washed out mottled shade of pink. Surely it’s not us simple as painting this stuff on?

    It is. It’s now red again. Not the exact original color (you can see the contrast where part of the door has been sheltered behind the sill. If it was 10/10 new it had got to 2/10 – considering replacement as it looked that bad I’d say it’s now 8/10. For the cost it’s a no brainer.

  27. Avatar

    T Johnson

    This product really works
    I used it as a test on faded paintwork (PVC) six months ago and still looking really good.
    We spray PVC commercially and have just started treating all paintwork before it leaves the factory.
    Great product but a bit expensive in small amounts

  28. Avatar

    Sally Gibbons

    I did not know what results I would get when using this product and must admit I was a bit nervous about using it a Ii did not want my front door to be ruined. I did not need to worry as the whole process of applying Owatrol was very easy and the door has come back to it’s original color and looks great.

  29. Avatar


    Great stuff for old faded car paint and plastic on the bumper. I knew it from Germany that it works well.Also great on fiberglass boats.

  30. Avatar


    The front composite door colour had faded in the sun over a number of years and looked pretty sad. After some research I found this online and thought it was worth a try.
    Cleaned the door then painted the liquid on, waited 20 minutes and polished with a cloth. Door looks brand new with the deep dark colouring it had when it was fitted.
    It’s that simple and the results are amazing.

  31. Avatar

    Dennis Newman

    I seldom write reviews but had to for this product. Polytrol Renovateur saved me from having to replace my weathered front door, or having it professionally sanded and repainted, both of which would have cost me a fortune. Within a couple minutes of applying this product my front door, the frame, surrounding molding and side windows molding looked as good as the day the door was installed. My lacquer based paint was not chipping or coming off…..it was just turning white from oxidation. This product instantly brought it back to the original color. Best and easiest home improvement I have come across in years! Delivery was quick. GREAT product! I will definitely use it again!

  32. Avatar

    Joe Ray

    The best time to review this would be around a year or two after application, but a few weeks after application, I have to say I’m very satisfied. I used it on a composite door and vinyl shutters and it made both look much/much better. The shutters look new and the door which was fried looks as good as I could have expected.

  33. Avatar

    Christopher C

    I purchased this to restore black trim on a car and the sun baked top of a roof top cargo box. The black trim came out looking like new.

  34. Avatar


    We thought that we would try this product as a last hope before we got the professionals in. Our composite door had faded and was darker in certain parts where the sun had not bleached the door.

    We gave the door a thorough clean with soapy water the day before application.
    we are so pleased with the outcome the door looks like new again

  35. Avatar

    terry Gunner

    A great product which we used to restore the “blue” colour to our blue slate name plaque back in the UK. After just one application before we left for a vacation in the US the colour was about 90% restored and we plan to apply a couple more coats when we return home soon.

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Coverage: 18m2 (194 ft²) per liter
Tools: Soft brush or rag, fine wire wool for metal
Suitable for: Exterior & Interior use
Clean up: White Spirits
Drying Time: 10-20 mins (leave for 24 hours before use)
Restrictions: Polytrol restores pigments so cannot be used on white surfaces
Suitable Surfaces: Plastics, gelcoats, GRP (fiberglass), tiles, painted or varnished surfaces, stone, tiles, bricks, metals & more