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Two men with a mail box that has had Polytrol used on it

Tony from Promain has teamed up with Gary from Owatrol to create this demonstration video using Polytrol to revive the color and shine of a mail box! What is Polytrol? Polytrol is a deeply saturating oil which restores the original color and appearance of dull or tarnished plastics, gelcoats, metals, and other surfaces. Polytrol demonstration […]

Instagram logo for 500 followers

We have just passed 500 followers on our Instagram page! Since creating our Instagram page in July 2017, we have shared with you our fantastic products, showcased new and exciting products, as well as sharing our customers hard work on a wide variety of projects. We love seeing and showcasing your work, so if you […]

acrylic paint pour by Caren Goodrich art

Acrylic paint pouring artist Caren Goodrich uses Owatrol Easy Flow in her art work! Caren is a very well know artist who creates beautiful works of art called ‘acrylic paint pour’ or ‘fluid art’. What is acrylic paint pouring art? Acrylic paint pouring is probably best described as contemporary abstract art. Similar to the styling […]

paint pouring artist workshop

We have recently received some amazing photos and videos from a paint pouring artist named SiSi, who held a workshop where she taught people how to create their own paint pouring works of art! It was a small workshop named Creations by SiSi that consisted of 10 students. SiSi taught them how to use Easy […]

20 liter size woodcare products

We now have 20 liter sizes available on some of our most popular woodcare products! This allows you to purchase one large tin for your deck as opposed to multiple smaller ones – whilst also saving you money! Which products are available in this size? Solid Color Stain (SCS) SCS is an opaque wood protection and finish designed […]

New distributor in Canada

We are excited to announce that we now have a new distributor in Canada. Randall’s has been inspired to make the most of living spaces for the people of Ottawa for nearly 70 years. From protecting interiors, exteriors and windows from the elements, to creating elegant surroundings through color, design, fabric and furniture. Randall’s has […]

Samples Out of Stock

We are very excited to report that we now offer free samples on our most popular woodcare products! UPDATE: We are sorry to announce that, due to the huge demand, we are now completely out of stock of all free samples. We are looking to order more stock in the coming weeks and are reviewing […]