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What is Prepdeck? Prepdeck is essentially a three-in-one product. Its main purpose, for which it can be used undiluted, is as an effective way to prepare a wooden surface for further treatment by stripping away existing finishes along with stains, marks and grade stamps. Diluted, Prepdeck can also reduce mill glaze on new wood and […]

Transyl is a product that has many jobs and it does them all very well. Its versatility makes it a go-to product for many people, as it can assist in many different ways. What exactly is Transyl Oil? Transyl Oil is a lubricating, deep penetrating, self-spreading liquid with exceptional ‘wetting’, spreading and climbing properties. It is able […]

Aquadecks is Owatrol’s ready to use water-based wood treatment, perfect for outside furniture, cladding and decking. It can be applied easily to both new and weathered wood and it’s highly penetrating formula means there will be no peeling or flaking.  It provides excellent protection against the damage caused by moisture and UV rays and is […]

We are very excited to announce that our perfect partnership for composite wood is now available to purchase directly from us on our website. Owatrol produce two products designed specifically for use on composite wood and they complement each other perfectly. When used in tandem they can revive even the most sad looking composite decking, […]