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weathered grey look on a bench

A customer asked us for advice on how to go about achieving a weathered grey look to a bench without losing protection. What we recommended We suggested that they should remove the previous coating with Prepdeck. Prepdeck is a professional, high-grade stripper specially designed for the removing of old solid and semi transparent stains, unsightly grade stamps […]

Marine care range

We have 9 products in our Marine Care range that work together to keep your boat looking its best. Whether you want something to strip away a previous coating, clean and revive your gelcoat, or give your boat a whole new look, Owatrol has the solution for you. So, what products are in the range? […]

cleaner & color restorer Net-Trol

What is Net-Trol? Net-Trol is a wood cleaner and color restorer which revives weathered and grey unfinished wood surfaces and returns them to their natural color, restores the lustre to faded plastics dulled by weathering and UV rays and for the removal of rust stains to clean discolored stone and cement. It removes surface and ground-in […]

Corrosive inhibiting primer

Do you need to protect your hull, keel or ballast from rust and corrosion? Marine CIP (Corrosive Inhibiting Primer) is a rust inhibiting primer which can be over-coated with the paint of your choice. Perfect for using above or below the water line, Marine CIP contains the anti-corrosive properties of Marine Oil. This enables it to stabilise the surface […]