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After shot of a boat with Deks Olje D1 and D2

Case Study: refinishing the teak on a sailboat using Deks Olje D1 & D2

We have recently received another case study from our friends over at Style With A Brush, a professional painting and finishing company specializing in chemical-free, eco-friendly products that far out perform off-the-shelf paints and varnishes.

The boat they were working on was from 1981 and they weren’t sure if the teak wood on the topside of the sailboat was ever actually finished properly.

The once beautifully rich teak wood had all but grayed out and the old varnish was almost completely gone altogether.

However, they knew the perfect products for the job – Deks Olje D1 & Deks Olje D2.

So, how did they go about tackling this task?

First, you must strip the old finishes

Before applying Owatrol finishes you must first strip any old existing finish that is present on the surface. This is because they will prevent the penetration and adherence of a new finish and will severely impair its performance.

To strip the old finish you can use Marine Strip, its gel consistency makes it perfect for stripping more intricate pieces as it won’t run off. Simply apply the Marine Strip with a brush, leave it to work (it will remain active for up to 12 hours – we’d recommend performing a touch test first to see how long it is going to take for the stripper to remove your coatings as it will depend on the coating to be removed). Then wash it off whilst scrubbing and with plenty of clean water (warm water will make this job easier but isn’t essential). After stripping you’ll need to neutralize the wood straight away using Deck Cleaner – the process is the same as for cleaning the wood (step 2) so follow the step 2 instructions for this.

Then you must clean or neutralize the wood

If your wood was not previously treated you’ll need to give it a good clean before applying a finish, to remove any built up dirt and to return it to its natural color. If you have completed step 1 to strip previous finishes you’ll need to neutralize the wood. Both of these processes require the same action.

Use Deck Cleaner to clean your wood – it doesn’t just remove dirt, it actually restore’s the wood’s natural color as well. Simply apply it using a brush, wait for 10-20 minutes before rinsing whilst scrubbing to remove the dirt and restore the wood’s natural color. Now allow your wood to dry thoroughly before applying a finish.

Next, apply Deks Olje D1 saturating hardwood oil

Before applying D2 oil varnish you must first saturate your wood’s pores with Deks Olje D1 saturating wood oil. This will protect it from damage caused by moisture and UV exposure – it protects the wood from within and enhances its natural beauty. To do this, you must apply coats of Deks Olje D1 ‘wet-on’wet’, meaning you don’t allow the wood to dry in between coats but rather apply the next as soon as the first has been absorbed. Continue in this way until the wood is saturated (i.e. won’t absorb any more oil) and then wipe away any excess. If you’re working on a small project like this then you can probably do this all in one go but if you’re completing a larger project you’ll need to work in sections that can be completed in 15-30 minutes to prevent the wood from drying out in between coats.

Finally, apply Deks Olje D2 high gloss oil varnish for a beautiful rich finish

Deks Olje D2 is a high gloss oil varnish which flexes and moves with the wood so will not peel or blister. To use it you must first saturate your wood with Deks Olje D1. Then apply 6 coats of Deks Olje D2, allowing a minimum of 12 hours between coats. All coats should be applied within 1 month. It is not necessary to sand between coats but for an extra high gloss finish you can sand between the last 2 coats with 600 grit paper.

Style With A Brush said, “I’ve been using this system all season with really amazing results!  This old boat looks great again!” We couldn’t agree more and we are happy to have another satisfied customer complete another project using products from Owatrol.

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