Textrol used on softwood decking

How to treat softwood decking

For the last in our woodcare solutions series we are focusing on a water-based wood treatment.

Some people prefer to use a water-based finish rather than an oil-based finish as they are very environmentally-friendly. With Owatrol’s Aquadecks you don’t need to compromise on finish to use a water-based product.

How to finish new softwood decking

If your decking is brand new then the wood is likely to have mill glaze which will prevent finished from adhering correctly to the wood.

Before applying a finish you should prepare the pores of the timber with Prepdeck (You could alternatively use Aquanett if you want a water-based product) and Net-Trol.

For information on how to do this please read our guide on how to remove mill glaze.

Once you have done this and left the wood a good couple of days, you can continue with finishing the decking from step 2 of the instructions for a weathered deck.

How to finish softwood decking – Step 1

Before applying Aquadecks to weathered softwood decking you need first to clean the wood using Net-Trol wood cleaner.

This will remove any dirt on the surface of the wood which would prevent a finish from adhering and will also remove the grey color, restoring the natural color of the wood.

To do this simply apply the Net-Trol with a stiff brush and leave it to work for 10-20 minutes.

After this time rinse whilst scrubbing the surface to clean the wood. You must now leave the deck for at least 48 hours to dry before applying a finish.

How to finish softwood decking – Step 2

To apply Aquadecks ready to use water-based wood treatment follow these simple instructions.

  1. Apply 2 even applications of Aquadecks ‘wet-on-wet’. This means apply a 1st coat and then allow it to penetrate into the wood. Apply the 2nd application as soon as the wet look of the 1st application has disappeared (normally 15- 20 minutes). Do not allow the surface of the wood to dry out between coats. If this happens, simply mist the surface with a spray of water.
  2. For very porous surfaces a 3rd application may be needed.
  3. Brush out any puddles within 20 minutes of applying the last application to avoid Aquadecks drying as shiny spots on the surface.

Aquadecks’ place is in the wood not on the surface as it protects from within. Do not create a film on the surface – this will affect the coating’s performance.

What if my softwood decking has been coated before?

If your decking has been treated before it will need to be stripped before applying Aquadecks. For simple instructions, follow our guide on how to strip old coatings from decking.

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