SCS used on a cafe's deck

Garden inspiration – using SCS to give your yard a new look

Looking to make some changes to your garden but not sure where to start? Before forking out lots of money on new garden furniture or a new summer house, think about what you’ve already got!

With Owatrol’s Solid Color Stain you can make significant changes and really give the garden a face lift without breaking the bank.

What will a colored wood finish look like?

Solid Color Stain is available in 10 different shades so there’s plenty of choice when thinking about the finished look you’re after.

Using SCS to revive your garden furniture

Owatrol’s Solid Color Stain is incredibly easy to use and it gives you peace of mind for the future; it’s guaranteed against peeling or flaking for 15 years on vertical surfaces and 5 years on horizontal surfaces.

To apply SCS, you first need to ensure that your wood is clean and free of surface contaminants – to do this you could use Net-Trol, our wood cleaner and color restorer. This will also bring back the original color of your wood surface – bonus!

Then apply your chosen shade of SCS in wet-on-wet applications (meaning you shouldn’t let it dry between coats) until the wood is completely saturated. This is what gives SCS it’s staying power – it protects the wood from within. Rather than leaving a film on the surface, it moves with the wood and doesn’t crack.

SCS provides lasting protection against damage caused by moisture and weathering. It’s easy to maintain with simple maintenance coats every couple of years – no sanding and stripping! Although it may seem more pricey than other products, it provides unrivaled performance; it’s staying power means you’ll save money in the long term (as well as hours of work!).

You can also check out our SCS demonstration video here;

Learn more about SCS by clicking here.

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