2.5 Liters (0.66 US Gallon)

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  • Aquadecks 2.5L Wood Stain


    Water-based penetrating finish for new and weathered wood

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  • Aquanett 2.5L wood oil cleaner


    Solvent-free wood oil remover which strips new and old oils

  • Aquatrol 2.5L saturating wood oil


    Water-based exterior saturating wood oil with a matte-satin finish

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  • Deck Cleaner 1L

    Deck Cleaner

    Cleaner and brightener for all types of weathered marine wood

  • Deks Olje D2 - High gloss wood oil

    Deks OIje D2

    Flexible high gloss oil varnish for interior and exterior wood

  • Deks Olje D1 Saturating Hardwood Oil

    Deks Olje D1

    Saturating hardwood oil with a clear matte finish

  • Easy Flow 1L Paint Conditioner

    Easy Flow

    Water-based paint conditioner to eliminate brush and roller marks

  • Marine Strip anti-fouling stripper

    Marine Strip

    Solvent-free paint and antifouling stripper for marine use

  • Net-Trol 2.5L Wood Cleaner


    Wood cleaner, neutralizer and color restorer

  • Owatrol ALU high gloss marine aluminium paint finish

    Owatrol ALU

    Flexible anti-corrosive high gloss marine aluminium paint finish

  • Owatrol CIP Rust-inhibiting primer

    Owatrol CIP

    Rust-inhibiting penetrating primer for over coating with any paint

  • Prepdeck 2.5L Wooden deck stripper & cleaner


    High grade stripper for wood finishes, grade stamps & mill glaze

  • Sale! Primafloor 2.5L Interior Wood Floor Primer


    Primer for new unfinished and stripped wooden floors

  • Seasonite 2.5L New Wood Protection


    New wood protection - stabilizes and protects new wood

  • Textrol Penetrating Wood Oil


    Penetrating oil finish for weathered wood with UV protection

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  • Tropitech 2.5L Exterior Wood Stain


    All-in-one water-based colored protecting wood finish

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  • Sale! Vegafloor 2.5L varnish for wood flooring


    Water-based high performance resin varnish for wood flooring