Penetrating oil finish for weathered wood with UV protection

At A Glance...

  • Developed for weathered wood and available in 4 colors
  • Penetrates and protects from within the wood
  • Non film forming – will not crack, peel or flake
  • Protects against moisture and UV damage
  • Easy one coat maintenance – no stripping or sanding
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Textrol is a penetrating wood oil finish for exterior softwood and hardwood on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is a penetrative product which saturates the wood to protect it  from within – as there’s no film on the surface it will not peel or flake.

Textrol enhances the natural beauty of the wood whilst providing a mildew-resistant finish with exceptional and long-lasting protection from the effects of moisture, weathering and UV rays. It can be applied wet-on-wet which saves time as you don’t need to wait for coats to dry during application and the maintenance is easy with local touch-ups and no laborious sanding required!

When first applied, Textrol will give the wood a rich, matte color which will gradually lighten over time to the finished look. It is now available in 4 different colors for a range of looks all with premium protection.

Ideal Uses for Textrol Penetrating Wood Oil

  • Reviving dried-out and weather-beaten decks
  • Protecting garden fencing and gates from splitting and cracking
  • Maintaining decking with no laborious sanding
  • Enhancing the natural wood look of garden furniture
  • Showcasing beautiful sidings and cladding
  • Protecting decks for the future

Please Note swatches are given as a guide only and are based on use for light colored softwoods. Actual color will depend on the type and age of the wood surface treated. Always test a sample first before coating the entire surface.

Surface Preparation

New wood surfaces

New wood surfaces have a hard shiny surface known as mill glaze which prevents maximum penetration and bonding of any finish. To properly prepare the surface for application, and minimize splitting, swelling, cupping and checking caused by exposure to the sun and rain, first treat with Seasonite and allow the wood to weather for 6-12 months before applying Textrol.

Weathered wood surfaces

All surfaces must first be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, grime and mildew. If any mildew is present, treat it with a solution of 1 part bleach to 3 parts water. Scrub the solution on to the surface and allow to stand for 10-15 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Clean weathered wood with Net-Trol to remove the loose wood fibers, dirt and other surface contaminants. If necessary sand the surface after cleaning (80 grit paper). After cleaning, allow the wood to dry for 2-3 days before finishing.

Previously oiled surfaces

Textrol may only be applied to bare wood surfaces or a weathered wood that was previously finished with Textrol. All other oils or sealers must be completely and thoroughly removed with a wood oil remover such as Owatrol’s Aquanett and then the surface must be cleaned and neutralized with Net-Trol before applying Textrol. If necessary sand the surface after cleaning and stripping (80 grit paper). After cleaning, allow the wood to dry for 2-3 days before finishing.

Previously coated surfaces

Textrol may only be applied to bare wood surfaces or a weathered wood surface that was previously finished with Textrol. All previous coating must be completely and thoroughly removed with a stripper and neutralized with Net-Trol before applying Textrol. If necessary sand the surface after cleaning and stripping (80 grit paper). After cleaning, allow the wood to dry for 2-3 days before finishing.

Application of Textrol penetrating wood oil

Apply the first coat of Textrol and allow it to penetrate into the wood (15-30 minutes). Apply a second application and allow it to penetrate for 15-30 minutes. If required repeat this procedure until the wood is saturated i.e. will accept no more oil. Do not allow Textrol to become touch dry or dry between coats. Once the timber is saturated, brush out or wipe up any excess product that has not penetrated to avoid shiny spots.

NOTE: Textrol is not a surface coating, its place is in the wood not on the surface.


Decks & other horizontal surfaces

Most decks & horizontal surfaces will only require a maintenance application of Textrol every other year. A single application of Textrol every other year will be sufficient to refresh the natural beauty of the deck/horizontal surface and to maintain protection. A periodic clean between applications with Net-trol to remove dirt and contamination will renew the appearance of the wood.

Cladding & other vertical surfaces

Most cladding and vertical surfaces will only require touch up applications of Textrol. When areas treated with Textrol turn grey, clean with Net-trol and apply a single application of Textrol to replace material which has weathered out. Areas retaining good color do not need a maintenance application. Badly weathered areas may require 2 applications of Textrol (apply the second application as soon as the first has penetrated the wood). Surfaces with harsh exposures to the sun and weather will weather wear more quickly than other areas. If this happens, clean effected areas with Net-Trol and apply Textrol as necessary, blending into areas which still have good color.

Clean Up

Clean all tools and equipment with white spirit whilst still wet. If allowed to dry, remove with paint stripper.

NOTE: Any rags, steel wool etc. soaked in Textrol may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. These must be saturated with water after use or placed in a sealed, water filled metal container, before disposing with household waste.

Things to Remember

  • Before starting, test the color choice on a small area. Allow to dry to determine final color (remember that this color will lighten over a couple of months to the final color).
  • Cover everything you do not wish to coat, including plants and shrubs.
  • Apply between 5°C and 35°C.
  • Do not apply if cold and/or wet weather is expected within 24-48 hours.
  • Mix product thoroughly before and during application.
  • Do not thin.
  • Always work the entire length of a deck board or horizontal siding to a logical break, such as a window or door frame.
  • Never stop application in the middle of wall.
  • Vertical siding should be coated from top to bottom.
  • Do not allow to dry between coats – apply Textrol ‘wet on wet’
  • After spray application, always back-brush or back-roll to improve penetration and uniformity of coverage
  • If using an airless sprayer it should be .011 – .015 fluid tip/ 700-800 psi or less


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How much do I need?

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This coverage indication is only a guide and actual coverage is dependent on surface type, age, porosity etc.
Coverage:Initial application: 5m2 (54 ft²) per liter
Maintenance: 10-12m²(108-130 ft²) per liter
Tools:Brush, Roller, Airless Sprayer or garden sprayer
Suitable for:Exterior use
Clean up:White Spirit
Drying Time:24-48 hours
Re-coating Time:Apply ‘wet-on-wet’
Suitable Surfaces:Weathered softwood & hardwood