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High-grade stripper for wood finishes, grade stamps & mill glaze

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  • Removes old finishes & stains
  • Reduces mill glaze and removes grade stamps
  • Cleans all types of weathered exterior wood
  • Economical and easy to use
  • For exterior use only
  • Available in a 1 liter bottle

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Prepdeck stripper/cleaner is a professional, high-grade product specially designed for the removing of old solid and semi-transparent stains, unsightly grade stamps and other finishes from wood. When diluted it makes a powerful cleaner for removing dirt and other surface contaminants from weathered woods.

Using Prepdeck is a fast and easy way to reduce mill glaze, (a shiny surface on new timber created through the milling process) which is essential to remove to help with the penetrating power of your wanted wood finish, for the best possible result.

Why should I use Prepdeck?

Prepdeck is a powerful and versatile wood stripper. It can thoroughly strip away old finishes to prepare wood for new treatments, get rid of even well-established stains along with other marks such as grade stamps, and provides an extremely effective cleaning action.

It is suitable for use on a wide variety of softwoods and hardwoods and is suitable for almost any exterior wood surface. It can treat decking, fences, sheds and other buildings, yard furniture, and more. Few products offer either the quality of results or the flexibility that you get from Prepdeck, and few make the task of removing old finishes or preparing new wood as quick and simple.

Ideal uses for Prepdeck

  • Prepdeck Stripper/Cleaner may be used on soft or hardwoods and thermo (burnt) wood.
  • It is ideal for yard decks, fences, cladding, log homes, and yard furniture.
  • Perfect for the removal of stains, finishes, and wood grade stamps.
  • Great for getting rid of mill glaze easily, thus allowing the wood to get the best possible finish.

Recommendations for use

Please note – when using Prepdeck you must neutralize the surface immediately with Net-trol. This prevents a reaction with the new coating to be applied.

Always read the Prepdeck Product Information before using and follow the instructions carefully.

Application Tools

  • Synthetic Brush

  • Roller with Synthetic Cover

  • Garden Sprayer

  • Synthetic scrubbing brush

Surface Preparation

Remove any loose and flaking finish.
Brush off any physical surface contamination i.e. moss, general dirt etc.


To strip old finishes and grade stamps

Use undiluted.

To reduce mill glaze

Add 1 part Prepdeck to 4 parts water – except for Ipe; then add 1 part Prepdeck to 1 part water.

To clean

Dilute 1 part Prepdeck to 5 parts water up to a maximum of 1 part Prepdeck to 20 parts water, depending on the condition of the surface.


  • Shake or stir product well before and during use, including diluted solutions.
  • Use Prepdeck as is or dilute according to “Dilutions” above. Keep surface wet with Prepdeck while it is working.
  • After rinsing always neutralize surface with Net-trol except where Tropitech is the chosen finish (see “After stripping/cleaning”).
  • Do not use a wire brush to scrub the surface.
  • Work large areas in zones.
  • Allow the wood to dry thoroughly for 2-3 days before refinishing.

Stripping and Cleaning

  • Work in areas that can be completed in 15-30 minutes.
  • Apply Prepdeck to the area to be stripped or cleaned and allow to work.
  • After an appropriate time, test a small area with a nylon scrubbing brush to see if finish or dirt is lifting.
  • If lifting, scrub the area with a stiff nylon brush, deck brush or use a power washer at 1000-1500 psi (70-103 bars) depending on the type of wood.
  • Always work in the direction of the grain.
  • Rinse with copious amounts of fresh water, using the highest pressure from the water source available or use a power washer at 500-1000 psi (35-70 bars) working in direction of the grain. (Rinse adjacent areas at the same time).
  • NB: The use of hot water makes the job easier.

Reducing Mill Glaze

  • Apply Prepdeck to the area to be treated.
  • Allow to work for 20 minutes.
  • Scrub area with a stiff nylon brush, deck brush or use a power washer at 1000-1500 psi (70-103 bars) depending on the type of wood.
  • Always work in direction of the grain.
  • Rinse with copious amounts of fresh water, using the highest pressure from the water source available or use a power washer at 500-1000 psi (35-70 bars) working in the direction of the grain (rinse adjacent areas at the same time).

Removing Grade Stamps.

Apply Prepdeck undiluted and scrub until the stamp is gone. Rinse thoroughly.

After Stripping / Cleaning

Always neutralize the surface with Net-trol except where Tropitech is the chosen finish.
If Tropitech is the chosen finish, lighten wood with a 1 part bleach to 3 parts water solution.


Prepdeck will not remove 2 pack or baked-on paints; Polyurethane paint and varnish.

DO NOT use on aluminium.

Clean up

All that is required for clean up is water.

Things to remember

  • Always carry out a preliminary test prior to commencing the job, to determine the contact time necessary for stripping or cleaning the wood.
  • Wear chemical resistant gloves, safety goggles and protective clothing.
  • Hardwoods including exotic hardwoods and woods rich in tannins such as cedar, oak, teak, ipe etc may darken with Prepdeck.
  • Where Prepdeck has darkened the wood do not allow it to dry, prior to using Net-Trol or a 1 part bleach to 3 parts water solution (see “After stripping/cleaning”).
  • Cover and protect everything you do not wish to strip or clean, including plants, shrubs and any aluminium surfaces.
  • When stripping vertical surfaces, work from bottom to top to avoid streaking.
  • Apply between 5°C and 35°C.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or on a hot surface.
  • Do not allow Prepdeck to dry on the surface. If drying occurs dampen with a mist application of water.

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    Jeff Yandle Verified Owner

    The prep deck works as good or better than advertised. I will be using much more in the future.

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Coverage: Dependent on dilution (see Product Information Sheet)
Tools: Synthetic brush/scrubbing brush, roller with synthetic cover or sprayer
Suitable for: Exterior use
Clean up: Water
Working Time: Dependent on the finish to be stripped
Suitable Surfaces: All exterior wood