Highly flexible acrylic filler for joints, cracks & holes

At A Glance...

  • Long lasting flexibility – will not crack
  • Can be used on all softwood and hardwood flooring
  • Waterborne and mixed with sawdust
  • Prevents bonding of the joints by the finish – allows the floor to flex and move
  • Non yellowing and maintains woods natural color
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Lianfloor is a highly flexible acrylic filler for wood flooring defects such as cracks and holes. Mixed with sawdust from the final sanding, it maintains the woods natural color, allowing a superior finish to be achieved while at the same time preventing the finish from bonding across joints.

Easy to use, it is quick drying, odorless, non-yellowing and easy to sand. Lianfloor can be used on all soft and hardwood flooring and may be stained and used with other varnishes that are compatible with acrylic fillers.

Ideal uses for Lianfloor

  • Can be used on all soft and hardwood floors.
  • Has a long lasting flexibility and so will not crack.
  • Neutral PH – Unaffected by tannin bleed.
  • Maintains the woods natural color.
  • Prevents bonding of joints by the finish – Allows floor to flex and move.


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Coverage:Coverage will vary
Tools:Spatula or filling knife & bucket (stainless steel)
Suitable for:Interior use
Clean up:Water
Drying Time:2 hours (depending on humidity & width of cracks)
Suitable Surfaces:All new & old uncoated wooden flooring