Easy Flow

Water-based paint conditioner to eliminate brush and roller marks

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At A Glance...

  • Use in all water-based paints
  • Improves the flow and maintains the wet edge – paint without effort
  • Improves the finish – maintains the inherent quality and characteristics of the paint
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Great for acrylic paint pouring
Easy Flow 1L Paint Conditioner
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Easy Flow is a water-based paint conditioner which makes interior and exterior emulsion and acrylic paints including colored wood stains work more like oil-based paints. It helps to improve paint flow and work-ability and allows the paint to adjust to more difficult conditions such as hot, cold and windy environments. Arguably most importantly, it helps to eliminate brush and roller marks by improving the flow of the paint giving a much more professional finish and helping you to make progress more quickly. Unlike damaging paint thinners or water, Easy Flow does all this without affecting the inherent qualities of the paint and without affecting its color. When used in a paint sprayer, Easy Flow allows up to 20% reduction in pressure without affecting the spray pattern or performance and helps to prevent clogging and wear and tear on tips.

Easy Flow can also be used as a medium for acrylic paint pouring art. Easy Flow’s composition helps to create the highly sought after strong, well-formed cells most artists are looking for.

Ideal Uses for Easy Flow

  • Using as a medium in paint pouring to create cells
  • Exterior painting in hot, cold or windy weather
  • When having problems with brush marks in any paint
  • Using a paint spray gun – Easy Flow helps to extend it’s life by reducing wear and tear
  • Helping paint to flow with no brush and roller marks
  • Reducing roller pressure and preventing paint build up at the ends of the roller
  • Providing a spray-like finish when rolling

The effects of using Easy Flow in your paint


Easy Flow is milky white in color and as such cannot be used in clear varnishes. Do not add Easy Flow to oil or alkyd based paints including glycerophtalic paint, for these paints use Owatrol Oil to achieve the same results.

Application tools

  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Airless, HVLP or Cup Gun Sprayer

Surface Preparation

Prepare surface as per instructions on your paint/finish can. As part of this please ensure that you have removed all loose and flaking material. You should also treat any organic growth (mold etc.) with a fungicidal solution or a mix of 1 part water to 1 part chlorine bleach (allow the bleach solution to sit for 15 minutes), rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.


Stir your paint thoroughly and begin to apply in the normal manner. If paint the pulls, sets too fast, does not level or flow properly, add Easy Flow until the paint spreads smoothly, easily and provides sufficient ‘wet-edge’. Allow the brush, roller or sprayer to be your guide. To add Easy Flow first shake the container well. Then add the Easy Flow following the guidelines below and stir the mixture thoroughly. Now apply your paint and Easy Flow mixture to your surface in the normal manner.

Using Easy Flow with a Brush or Roller

Add approximately 7-10% per liter of paint. If the paint is thick, or in extreme temperatures, more Easy Flow may gradually be added, up to 15% per liter.

Using Easy Flow with an HVLP & Cup Gun sprayer

Add 5-10% per liter of paint. The amount depends on the consistency and flow properties of the paint. If the paint seems to thicken, add a tablespoon of water per liter of paint to thin it.

Using Easy Flow with an Airless sprayer

Add up to 10% per liter of paint.

Using Easy Flow for Faux finishing

Add 20-25% per liter of paint. Do not add too much conditioner for vertical surfaces as the technique may sag or vanish.

Clean Up

Clean all tools and equipment with soap and water.

Things to Remember

  • Cover everything you do not wish to paint
  • Always mix a small amount with Easy Flow first to test compatibility
  • the amount of Easy Flow added will not change the color of matte or semi-gloss emulsion or acrylic paints. Easy Flow may reduce the sheen in gloss paints.
  • Do not use in clear varnishes
  • Do not use Easy Flow in oil-based paints – instead use Owatrol Oil for the same effects
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36 reviews for Easy Flow

  1. Avatar

    Donna Johnston

    Used the product in teaching a class with Acrylic Pours… It is an expensive activity with the cost of the paint and the Easy Flow, but the Easy Flow does work well. All the students were delighted with their results.

  2. Avatar

    Luv the arts

    This product really helps to develop cells in an acrylic paint pouring project when combined with other ingredients that artists often use.

  3. Avatar

    Tracy Stipp From Amazon

    I love this as a paint pouring medium. Is easy to use, dries nicely, no lumps.

  4. Avatar

    E Wright From Amazon

    Works well with my paints, easy to apply

  5. Avatar

    Mary Ann Moss Reno From Amazon

    Great item – quick delivery

  6. Avatar

    Beth Waltz From Amazon

    Good quality – works well

  7. Avatar

    Nancy McKinnon Verified Owner

    I also use this product for the acrylic pouring medium. Most of my pours come out really nice and the paint lines are well defined. I have noticed this last order had quite a few stringy lumps in the Owatrol. I guess straining is necessary, even though it is shaken very well before using.

  8. Avatar

    Elena Verified Owner

    I absolutely love this stuff. I do acrylic pour painting and it is the ONLY medium I will use. The price point is reasonable (of course, I wish it were cheaper, but it’s still affordable!), and the results are just amazing. The only drawback is that in some of the bottles I’ve ordered, the Owatrol is sort of clumpy, with a bit of a skin-like substance inside it that no amount of shaking gets rid of. It only happens in random bottles (and I order a lot of it). But aside from that, I would wholeheartedly recommend this product!

  9. Avatar

    Larry G. Coleman From Amazon

    I use this to thin my acrylic paints for doing pour painting. Works great.

  10. Avatar

    Chasity Garn From Amazon

    Expensive but great product. requires lots of shaking… and I used a stocking to prevent clots from ruining my paint

  11. Avatar

    Loopyker From Amazon

    I’ve been using this for acrylic paint pouring after seeing another artist recommend it. It works well and has much less odor than other pouring mediums I’ve tried.

  12. Avatar

    Marcia Dubois Verified Owner

    Owatrol is a great product, very thick and is a bit better than the Floetrol bought in the
    the USA/ Canada. Fast delivery, with free shipping, was great too.

  13. Avatar

    Kim Page From Amazon

    Works as well as Floetrol for acrylic pouring although it was a little more expensive.

  14. Avatar

    Reilly Djordjevski From Amazon

    Works very well for acrylic pouring

  15. Avatar

    mgd1 Verified Owner

    The product is great, really thick, so I don’t use as much compared to Floetrol, service and delivery was really fast, impressive, I will buy it again, once it warms up….spring, as cold weather can affect the medium.

  16. Avatar

    Nana Partin From Amazon

    It works very well…

  17. Avatar

    DD Painting From Amazon

    Great product for use with acrylic paint!

  18. Avatar

    Bevie Sams From Amazon

    Loved how well this levels out when doing fluid pours!!!

  19. Avatar

    Cari Watrous Verified Owner

    I use a mix of Owatrol Easy Flow and Liquitex pouring medium in creating pour paintings. I mix the two to help remove the air bubbles I get with Liquitex and Owatrol is the absolute best of the pouring mediums I’ve tried that weren’t designed to be pouring mediums – Floetrol, Kim and a few others I’ve tried along the way. It’s thick, flows well and in the mix helps create a variety of cell sizes.

  20. Avatar

    Deblyn From Amazon

    I use a lot of easy Flow. This was a good price. I will definitely buy this item again. (And again)

  21. Avatar

    Ronald Powell From Amazon

    Works great for flo art
    Cost is high
    If you read the complete information on Flotral it does contain lead. Should not be on the market. Owatrol is more expensive, but no lead! Works about the same, is thicker. Use more water with this product. That lowers the cost a bit

  22. Avatar

    Christy Hoehn From Amazon

    This stuff is pure gold when it comes to making “pour” art! I just thought the bottle would be bigger- my fault for not checking details.

  23. Avatar

    G. Bearer From Amazon

    This is better than the other major brand; less lumpy and produces really beautiful cells in acrylic paint pouring art! I love the effects obtained! I was unable to get this brand in any local stores, so I hope Amazon keeps carrying it for a long time!

  24. Avatar

    N.D From Amazon

    Expensive but I love it!

  25. Avatar

    Linda From Amazon

    Love the way it mixed with the paint

  26. Avatar

    JJ From Amazon

    Good additive to pour

  27. Avatar

    Justin Brinegar From Amazon

    Out of all the pouring mediums I have tried, Owatrol’s Easy Flow is by far the best. Easy Flow allows for consistently high-quality cells. Paintings tend to dry true: they look the same when dried as when they are freshly poured. Easy Flow is lightweight and I’ve never had cracking or crazing, no matter what I am painting.

  28. Avatar

    Elena Verified Owner

    This is the absolute best medium for acrylic pouring. You get the most incredible cells (just add a touch of silicone), and it prevents colours from muddying when poured in the same cup. The paint with Easy Flow mixed in also never crazes as it dries. I am obsessed with this stuff now, and only wish the shipping to Canada was slightly cheaper. 😉 That being said, it is still a way better deal than anything else on Amazon. Thank you for making the new 2.5 L size! Love this stuff.

    Here is some of my work made with this product: https://www.instagram.com/abstract.acrylics/

  29. Avatar

    Patrick From Amazon

    Good product, arrived on time and in perfect condition. It was thicker then expected but worked well with pour painting, I just needed to thin it more with water.

  30. Avatar

    Donna Ray From Amazon

    Easy to work with, does just exactly what I wanted it for.

  31. Avatar

    Cheryl A Harding From Amazon

    Great for acrylic pouring

  32. Avatar

    P.B From Amazon

    I use this for acrylic paint pouring art. Works great to create the “cells” so many of us want to appear.

  33. Avatar

    Barbara Dierolf From Amazon

    Arrived on time and in good condition…no spills or drips. Much better than Floetrol.

  34. Avatar

    Jean S From Amazon

    This is the BEST I have tried for pour painting!

  35. Avatar

    Caren Goodrich

    I have a new favorite pouring medium, it is Owatrol Easy Flow!

  36. Avatar


    I have a question, does it work like your other product “Owatrol: Floetrol”? What’s the difference?

    • Owatrol Team

      Owatrol Team

      Hi Lorena,

      Thank you for your query regarding Easy Flow.
      Owatrol Floetrol is the UK name for Owatrol Easy Flow. It is the same product with the same ingredients, just with a different name.

      I hope this was helpful.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

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Coverage:Coverage will vary
Tools:Brush, Roller, Airless, HVLP or Cup Gun Sprayer
Suitable for:Exterior & Interior use
Clean up:Soap & water
Drying Time:As per paint manufacturer’s instructions
Additive for:Water-based coatings – Emulsion, Acrylic, Vinyls
Suitable Coatings:Paint, woodstains, varnishes (not clear)