2-pack wood filler suitable for all wood types

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At A Glance...

  • Wood putty available in light oak suitable for all wood types
  • Quick drying and will not shrink or crack
  • Once cured can be machine sanded, screwed, sawn, filed etc.
  • Compatible with all finishes, both single and 2-pack
  • Can be tinted with universal colorants
Cosmobois 2-pack wood filler
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Cosmobois is a 2-pack wood filler that can be applied to all types of wood. Quick drying and highly flexible Cosmobois will not shrink or crack and when fully cured can be cut, screwed, and drilled. Cosmobois is easy to sand, both manually and mechanically and is compatible with any single or two pack finish. It can also be tinted with universal colorants up to 2% before mixing in the hardener for a specific colored finish.

Ideal uses for Cosmobois wood filler

  • Filling dents and scratches in wooden door panels
  • Repairing damage to garden gates
  • Restoring vintage furniture
  • Completing joinery work to a higher standard
  • Repairing damage to decking in the garden

Surface Preparation

Surfaces must first be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, grime, all loose material and other contamination. Remove all loose and old finishes from around the area to be repaired.
Thoroughly abrade the surface using a coarse abrasive paper. Wipe the surface clean with Acetone, Ethyl Acetate, Methylated Spirits (De-natured Alcohol) or similar to remove any abrasion residue. DO NOT use White Spirit.

Applying Cosmobois wood filler

Tinting (optional)

Add 2 % (max) of universal colorant to the filler and mix in well before mixing with the hardener.


Add 2% of the hardener to quantity of filler for 10 minutes drying. As a guide 1 coffee bean size of hardener to 1 chestnut size of filler. In cold weather increase amount of hardener. In hot weather decrease amount of hardener. Ensure the hardener and filler are well mixed. Increasing or decreasing the amount of hardener does not affect the overall curing time.

Applying Cosmobois wood filler

Work the filler in to the crack or hole and smooth off with a filling knife. For repairs deeper than 25 mm – build up in layers allowing it to dry between applications. For a smooth finish sand (100 grit paper) before applying your finish. Allow 24 hrs after application before machining (drilling, mechanically sanding, tapping…).

Clean Up

Clean tools immediately after use with Acetone, Ethyl Acetate or similar. Dispose of any unused hardener/filler mixture in accordance with local regulations. DO NOT put it back in the container.

Things to Remember

  • For narrow cracks rake out to enlarge
  • Stir filler well before mixing with hardener
  • Do not mix filler and hardener in the can
  • Apply between 10°C and 25°C

1 review for Cosmobois

  1. Avatar

    Marty Verified Owner

    I haven’t applied the product at this point. I have 5 antique teak deck and steamer chairs (no screws but brass hardware). There are a few cracks due to lack of oil that require a floated filler. Will update when I get to that stage.

    • Avatar

      Sophie Mamann

      Looking forward for your feedback Marty. Do not hesitate to send us some before/ after photos 🙂

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Tools:Filling knife
Suitable for:Interior and exterior use
Clean up:Acetone, Ethyl Acetate or similar
Drying Time:10 minutes at 20°C
Curing Time:Allow 24 hours before machining
Suitable Surfaces:All wood types