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Anti-slip paint for all wood species in Light Oak for an anti-slip surface

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  • Good UV and weather resistance with lasting performance
  • Uses polypropylene microbeads (particle size 100 microns) to provide an anti-slip surface
  • Simple application with just 2 coats, in a Light Oak finish
  • Can be used on both old and new wood of any species
  • Easy maintenance with no sanding or stripping
  • Available in a handy 1 Liter (0.3 US Gallon) bottle

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Owatrol’s Antislip wood protection (also known as Antigliss) is an effective anti-slip protection for exterior wood surfaces which contains polypropylene wax microbeads (particle size 100 microns). It provides an anti-slip surface for pedestrian traffic as well as a skid-resistant surface for wheeled traffic to help to prevent falling and skidding in areas with slip and skid hazards.

Unlike standard products where grit is sprinkled into a wet finish, Antislip is a prepared product which is applied as it is to the wood. It produces a more evenly textured surface and penetrates into the wood, bonding with the fibers to give a finely textured, flexible and long-lasting anti-slip satin finish.

As well as its practical uses, Antislip also provides a decorative finish and gives good UV and weather resistance with lasting performance. It helps to slow down the graying process when the wood is exposed to UV rays and can be used on all species of wood, both new and weathered (including softwoods and hardwoods (both exotic and broadleaved), new and weathered woods, planed and rough sawn wood, untreated & pressure treated). It is easy to apply and maintenance is a breeze with no sanding or stripping required.

Ideal uses for Owatrol’s Antislip wood protection

  • Making decking around swimming pools safer
  • Protecting hot tub surrounds whilst maintaining the natural beauty of the wood
  • Safeguarding steps and walkways
  • Treating pontoons and docks
  • Available in a Light Oak finish

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, grime, mildew and previous coatings. If any mildew is present you can treat it with a 50/50 bleach/water solution. Scrub the solution on to the surface and allow it to stand for 10-15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

After cleaning and/or stripping, allow the wood to dry for 2-3 good drying days or until it has reached a moisture content of 18% or less before applying the finish.

Antislip can only be applied to bare wood surfaces or weathered surfaces previously finished with Antislip.  All other finishes must be completely and thoroughly removed first. If necessary sand the surface after cleaning and/or stripping (80 grit paper).

New wood surfaces

New planed, smooth wood has a hard shiny surface called mill glaze that prevents maximum penetration and bonding of any
finish. This should be removed prior to application in order to ensure proper performance of the finish. To do this, treat the wood with Aquanett or dilute Prepdeck then neutralize with Net-Trol.

Alternatively, you can mechanically or manually abrade the surface with 80 grit paper. Clean off all loose wood particles and test the wood for absorbency by sprinkling water on the surface. If the water is absorbed rapidly, the surface is ready for finishing.

Untreated weathered woods

Untreated wood surfaces that have weathered longer than 12 months should be thoroughly cleaned with undiluted Net-Trol to ensure that all loose wood fibers, dirt and other surface contaminants are removed.

Previously treated surfaces (oiled)

All oils or sealers must be completely and thoroughly removed with Aquanett or Prepdeck and the stripped surface should then be neutralized with Net-Trol.

Previously treated surfaces (paint, stain, varnish etc)

All previous coatings must be completely and thoroughly removed.

  • Solvent (oil or alkyd-based finishes) – Strip with a suitable stripper then neutralize with Net-Trol.
  • Acrylic finishes (Water-based) – Strip with Prepdeck then neutralize with Net-Trol.

Note: Hardwoods including exotic hardwoods and woods rich in tannins i.e. cedar, douglas fir, teak, ipe, iroko etc. may darken with Aquanett and Prepdeck. Neutralizing with Net-Trol immediately after rinsing will lighten and restore the wood’s color.

For oak and chestnut please contact us for additional information and advice.


  • Stir the product well (for 2 to 3 minutes) before and during application. Do not thin.
  • Apply a first liberal, even application in the direction of the grain.
  • Leave it to dry for a minimum 6 of hours before applying a second even application in the direction of the grain.


Maintenance is due when the treated wood takes on a weathered gray look, has severely faded or the anti-slip is compromised.

Clean the surface with Net-Trol and allow it to dry for 2-3 days. Apply 1 or 2 coats of Antislip, depending on the condition of the current finish and in accordance with the application instructions above, to restore the anti-slip properties.

Clean Up

Clean all tools and equipment with white spirits while still wet. If allowed to dry remove with paint stripper.

Things to Remember

  • Before starting, test the color choice on a small area. Allow to dry to determine final color.
  • Cover everything you do not wish to coat, including plants and shrubs.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or to hot wood. Wood surfaces in direct sunlight can reach temperatures of 50°C even
    when the air temperature is 30°C.
  • Do not apply if cold and/or wet weather is expected within 24 hours.
  • Always work the entire length of a board or piece of wood to a logical break. Never stop application in the middle of
    a board or piece of wood.
  • After spray application, always back-brush or back-roll to improve penetration and uniformity of coverage.
  • Ensure wood is dry before use – maximum 18% moisture content.

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    Barry Wright Verified Owner

    This anti-slip product does exactly what it’s advertised to do, provide a anti-slip surface. It was very easy to apply and allowed the wood grain to show thru. I might add that the customer service of this company was very helpful in resolving a shipping issue.

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Coverage: 13 m² (140 ft²) per liter per coat
Tools: Brush, roller or airless sprayer
Suitable for: Exterior use
Clean up: White spirits
Drying Time: 6 hours
Re-coating Time: Light traffic – 24 hours. To use – 5 days
Suitable Surfaces: All wood species new and weathered