20 liter size woodcare products

NEW 20 liter size woodcare products!

We now have 20 liter sizes available on some of our most popular woodcare products!

This allows you to purchase one large tin for your deck as opposed to multiple smaller ones – whilst also saving you money!

Which products are available in this size?

Solid Color Stain (SCS)

SCSSCS is an opaque wood protection and finish designed for both new and weathered exterior wood surfaces.

SCS contains Easy Bond which gives it excellent adherence without the need for lengthy preparation and priming and is available in 10 different shades.


TropitechTropitech is a semi-transparent acrylic finish, that effectively seals wood, resisting moisture penetration, rot and decay and is available in four colors; Cedar, Movingui, Redwood and Sedona.

It contains a powerful UV screen-er that filters out the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays, thereby slowing the ageing process of the wood.


TextrolTextrol is a penetrating wood oil finish for exterior softwood and hardwood on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

It enhances the natural beauty of the wood whilst providing a mildew-resistant finish with long-lasting protection from moisture, weathering and UV rays.


AquadecksAquadecks is a penetrating water based wood finish that leaves a long-lasting, rich, matte finish for all woods.

It works perfectly on horizontal and vertical surfaces; such as decks or outdoor furniture and can be applied directly onto new or weathered wood.

These are all available now and will save you a significant amount of money!

Not sure which product you want for your project?

Why not take a look at a few case studies and see which one is right for you;

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We have guides on various things from; Protecting your new decking, the different types of decking available, how to maintain your deck and more!

Check out our Summary Guide and Contents post which will assist you with the post that best suits your query.

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