Protect your bike chain with Transyl

How to protect your bike chain with Transyl

Ensuring your bike has the best protection possible need not be a difficult task. To keep your bike chain in tip-top condition, we recommend using Owatrol Transyl.

Transyl is a multi-purpose oil that is used in many industries for many different tasks but is commonly used for its lubricating and releasing qualities. Due to its exceptional ‘wetting’ properties, Transyl has amazing self-spreading and climbing abilities allowing it to get into the most tricky and hard to reach areas.

Over time, naturally, your bike chain will be subjected to all sorts of things. From harsh changes in temperature to fluctuating moisture content to exposure to mud and just simply using your bike for what it was made for! Unfortunately, this will slowly cause damage no matter what.

To keep dirt, grime, and rust at bay, Transyl is a fantastic solution to keep you and your bike going. For ease of application, Transyl is available in a 200ml spray can.

Take a look at our demonstration video below to learn more and see just how quick and easy it is to apply Transyl to your bike chain.


As we mentioned earlier, Transly is a multi-purpose product – so what else can it do?

Transyl Oil – The multipurpose problem solver

  • Releases – It frees and loosens fixings that have become seized due to rust or corrosion
  • Lubricates – Allows any stiff or seized parts to move easy
  • Cleans – Is able to dissolve and remove dirt, grease, and grime and offers easy residue removal of stickers, labels, tape, etc.
  • Protects – It leaves a protective film on metal surfaces to shield them against rusting
  • Moisture – Pushes out moisture from within the surface and quickly dries out electrical circuits
  • Machining – Prevents wear and tear on cutting heads

For more information on what Transyl can do for you, why not take a look at a previous blog post.

The best uses for Transyl – much more than just a lubricating oil

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