Before and after using Polytrol on a boat

How To Restore A Faded Gelcoat

When the gelcoat on your boat has faded, it can make your boat look dull, tired and lacklustre and can certainly make you lose your enthusiasm for its appearance. Through damage caused by the elements, the soft surface of the gelcoat is eroded and can leave it looking chalky and dull in its appearance. However, restoring your gelcoat is one of the easiest boat tasks that you can undertake and is easy to do yourself.

To help to restore the color, shine and appearance of your boat, choose a gelcoat restorer. Gelcoat restorers are suitable for fiberglass (GRP) gelcoats and can help to give long lasting effects, wetting the pigment to restore a strong and vibrant color and shine. Rather than waxes and polishes which simply sit on the surface and will not have lasting results, Owatrol’s Marine Polytrol penetrates deep into the material to help to protect against corrosion and blemishes, helping you to not only restore your gelcoat but also make maintenance much easier.

Gelcoat Restorer is full of benefits:

  • Long-lasting effects
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Restores color and shine
  • Easy to apply
  • Doesn’t need wax or polish on top

While it is natural for time and exposure to erode the appearance of a gelcoat, by restoring it, you are not only making your boat more pleasing to the eye, but you are enhancing the value of your boat and making it last longer.

Before and after application of Polytrol on a gelcoat

The beauty of Marine Polytrol is that you don’t need expensive waxes or polishes that merely sit on the surface. Applying waxes can be time-consuming and is often a fruitless task, with Gelcoat Restorer you know that the formula is penetrating deep within the gelcoat to give long-lasting and more effective results which restore the pigments while eliminating the need for more frequent maintenance and re-waxing.

How To Apply Gelcoat Restorer

Marine Polytrol is simple and easy to apply and can be done in five short steps, some of which you can often omit depending on the state of your gelcoat to begin with:

  1. Firstly, tape off and protect all of the areas of the boat you don’t want to treat.
  2. Thoroughly clean the boat, this can be done with soapy warm water or more effectively with Deck Cleaner. If you have any mildew then use a bleach-based solution to get rid of it. If there is waterline scum or limescale you should use a more specialist cleaner to remove it.
  3. With Marine Polytrol, drying times are short (usually less than 10 minutes) so section off your work in small, achievable areas.
  4. Soak a soft, clean cloth in Marine Polytrol and wipe onto the gelcoat, remembering to wipe off the excess liquid as quickly as possible. (Failure to do so may result in a patchy and uneven appearance).
  5. Gently shine the gelcoat with a lint-free cloth to achieve a superior sheen.

Ensuring The Best Results

For best results when using Marine Polytrol, do not apply in direct sunlight or when the gelcoat surface is hot to the touch. Marine Polytrol is designed to restore pigment, color and shine to the gelcoat, so it is not suitable to be used on white surfaces.

With Marine Polytrol, maintenance is easy. The results are long-lasting but when you see they are fading, simply repeat the easy process again.

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34 thoughts on “How To Restore A Faded Gelcoat

  1. Your ad states” so it is not suitable to be used on white surfaces.” why not and what happens if you do use it on white? Thanks

    1. Hello Mike,

      Thank you for your interest in our products.
      White does not contain any colored pigments in it and thus there is no color for the Polytrol to revive. As this is an oil-based product, it could give a brownish look to the surface – that is why we do not recommend Polytrol for white surfaces.

      Hope it helps !

  2. I need to restore gelcoat on my dog rooming fibreglass trailer. I like the Marine Polytrol idea but:
    There is a lot of decals( business name, phone, a puppy….) which after 6,7 years being sittting on sun looks better, as good as new actually, than gelcoat arround. It would be impossible to tape protect those decals, also impossible not to touch them with Marine Polytrol when applying.

    Will Marine Polytrol damage shiny decals in tthe process of applying?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello Emil,

      Thank you for your interest in our products.
      No, Marine Polytrol should have no effect on the decals or their level of gloss. For precautionary sakes, we do however suggest that a small amount be applied to be absolutely certain.

      Hope it helps.

    2. Good evening I have a older 18’ Kenner I am looking for something to restore my blue color on the bottom

      1. Hi Don,

        If you are talking about the hull of the boat, underneath the waterline, Marine Polytrol would not be suitable. Marine Polytrol works well on blue gelcoat above the waterline.
        Hope this helps!

        The Owatrol Team

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    at least to me. It is interesting to read what others thought and how it relates to
    their customers, as their perspective could possibly help you in the future.

    Best regards,
    Balle Griffin

    1. Hi Jim, as Penetrol is produced by Flood company I would not be able to comment on this. Polytrol restores the color and appearance of dull and faded surfaces caused by exposure to sunlight, rain and pollution
      The Owatrol Team

  4. Super disappointed with the results of Owatrol Gelcoat Restorer. Purchased the product, used it on a 2 year old RV Gel coat that looked good. At first your product made the surface look like new – after it dried there were lots of hazy and sections that looked streaked.

    1. Hi William, Unfortunetly sometimes certain areas are more faded than others and this will cause the haze appearance. Normally applying another application of Polytrol will overcome this issue.

  5. I have two questions: 1) I have a older boat that is teal and almond colored (not white but more of an off white, almond or biscuit color) . Will the Polytrol work on the Lamond color and bring it up to a shine or will it only work on the teal. 2) I live in Arizona and it is summer so it is over 100 degrees F most days. How long do I leave the Polytrol on before wiping it off?

    1. Hi Michael,
      In answer to your questions: 1. It is very difficult to say with this type of color (almond) since it is getting so close to white. Unfortunately the only suggestion I can make is to test a small area as some times it will work and other times it won’t. 2. I would strongly suggest trying to do the work at the end of the day and in the evening when the heat of the day has subsided. However if this is not possible then the work should only be carried out on areas not directly in the sun and I would suggest no longer than 10 minutes before wiping off any excess. When working in these sort of conditions and because the Polytrol has not had the full time period to penetrate and restore the surface it may mean that the application will need to be done twice.
      The Owatrol Team

  6. I have a 1970 Tahiti bayliner that is original magenta-ish with sparkle. the the front top is seriously sun faded while the interior that inside rim is vibrant and glossy with sparkles showing through. Do you think marine polytrol will bring back this 50 year old color to a vibrant shine?

    1. Hi Brian, this is definitely worth a try! Just to note that Polytrol is a color restorer. If you require a high gloss finish, then a good quality vehicle polish should be applied after the Polytrol is dry (I suggest 48 hours)
      The Owatrol Team

  7. In your videos you show a disposable paint brush to apply Polytrol onto a marine gel coat. On your website instructions it says to use a no lint rag. Which works better?
    Additionally, it says to wipe it off immediately vs. the videos that say to let it sit for 10-15 minutes before wiping off.
    Lastly, if this come out poorly on 2016 navy blue Downeast style boat how do I remove it?
    Thank you! I am excited to try the product on the transom of my boat which since new fades very easily despite my constant wax upkeep.

    1. Hi Scott, it is really up to you which application tools you use, it is personal preference. Always work in areas that can be completed 10-20 minutes to ensure an even appearance. Apply Polytrol liberally and evenly with a brush or cloth. Allow it to work for 10-20 minutes. Wipe off any excess with a clean lint-free cloth. Leave it to dry.
      Apply between +5°C and +35°C.
      Do not apply in direct sunlight or on to hot surfaces.
      Do not allow excess Polytrol to dry and create a film on the surface (always remove excess product).
      I am sure the product will rejuvenate your boat 🙂 If you wish to remove the Polytrol, we have a product called Marine Strip which will do this
      Let us know how you get on with your project

      The Owatrol Team

      1. I have recently purchased a 2015 Montana RV, with an Almond Gel-coat covering. This rig was in Texas for a few seasons, and the Finish is very dull now and chalky and has lost its shine. I don’t think anything has ever been done for the coating since it was new. So now, I have been applying cleaner and wax by hand, then following up with a good coat of Carniba wax. The his process is working OK, but even though shiny when I’ve polished it out, it seems to be uneven, and shiner in some area than others. Is there some product I should use to bring the gel-coat back to an even shine, or are my expectations set too high for an even, shiny coat?

  8. Hi,
    I have a 20 year old yacht with blue topsides and faced with many days work polishing just to try and keep on top things.
    Is it feasible to apply Polytron on a 45 foot yacht by just one person?
    My boat is kept afloat. How resistant is Polytrol to the inevitable abrasion from fenders?
    If required would it be possible to restore just a small area?

    1. Hi Mike
      It may take you quite some time, also when applying Marine Polytrol you should work in small areas which you would be able to complete in around 10-20 minutes. Marine Polytrol is a color restorer which dries to a tough and long-lasting flexible finish which does not leave a film – so it won’t peel or flake. This will give your boat protection from abrasion from fenders. I would recommend applying to the whole area for a uniform finish.
      The Owatrol Team

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