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How to repaint your kitchen cupboards

Fancy a new look in your kitchen but your budget just won’t stretch to new units? Don’t panic, you can quickly and easily repaint your existing cupboard doors for a strikingly different look without breaking the bank using Easy Surface Prep (ESP).

How does it work?

ESP is a wipe-on/wipe-off product which leaves a shiny or non-porous surface ready for painting with no time-consuming sanding. It leaves a surface for paint to bond to – it is odorless and can be coated with any paint. It is perfect for revamping melamine furniture, ceramic tiles and it’s great even for use on glass as it dries completely clear.

Lamp being repainted after application of ESPPreparing your surfaces

Before using ESP on your surface it needs to be clean and grease-free. For standard surfaces simply use a mild detergent but for surfaces which may be greasy or oily (such as kitchen cupboards) we would recommend  scrubbing the surface with a green scourer or 00 steel wool soaked with ESP (wipe it off after 5-10 minutes).

Applying the ESP

To apply ESP to your surfaces simply wipe it on with a brush or cloth and leave it for 5 minutes. Then wipe off any excess with a clean, dry cloth (best to use a brand new one if you can)and leave it to dry for 2 hours. Done!

Application of ESPRepainting your kitchen cupboards

You can now simply paint over your surfaces in your paint of choice according to the manufacturers instructions. This doesn’t need to be done immediately but needs to be done within 7 days of applying the ESP. If not, don’t panic, just reapply the ESP as before and give it another 2 hours to dry.

Before and after application of ESP on kitchen cupboardsWhat else can I use ESP for?

The uses for ESP are extensive but here are a few examples:

  • Those “delightful” yellow tiles with the little boats on in the bathroom of your new house?
  • Those delightful orange-brown kitchen units from the 1980’s? How about a nice matte cream or grey instead?
  • That baby pink wardrobe you bought for your 5 year old daughter which doesn’t quite sit right in your now 15 year old’s bedroom?
  • Those melamine units in your utility room that you’ve been pretending aren’t there because you can’t justify the cost of new units in a room only you go in?
  • That lime green table lamp that fitted perfectly in your lounge 5 years ago but is a little jarring with your pale blue and brown decor now?

If you’ve used ESP to repaint your kitchen cupboards or for any other projects we’d love to feature you on our website. Please do get in touch!

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2 thoughts on “How to repaint your kitchen cupboards

  1. For melamine kitchen cupboard doors, after I have used ESP, do I need to prime or undercoat before the main coat goes on? Or can the main paint go on straightaway. Thanks.

    1. Good day,

      Thank you for your interest in our products. ESP is a primer, you can directly apply the finish after it.
      Instructions are as follows :
      After applying ESP, leave to stand for 5 minutes then lightly wipe over the surface.
      Allow to dry for 2 hours.
      When dry, ESP may be left up to 7 days before applying the finish. If this time has passed, re-apply ESP as directed before painting.

      Hope it helps and please do not hesitate if you have any further questions.

      The Owatrol Team

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