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How to finish and protect hardwood decking

When it comes to finishing and protecting your deck, it can be a little daunting to know which product you should use. So, we have gathered all of our top protective finishes all in one place to help make it easier for you!

We have several options for your deck:

Before you finish your decking

Once you have chosen your finish, you will then need to prepare your wood. This will vary depending on the current state of your wood.

How to remove a previous finish

To remove a previous finish you will need to use a suitable stripping product such as Prepdeck. Once the previous finish has been removed, you will need to neutralize and deeply clean the surface with Net-Trol.

After this preparation has taken place, you are then ready to apply your finish.

How to clean untreated weathered wood

Deck being cleaned with Net-Trol

If your wood is unfinished and has been left to weather, simply clean the surface with a product such as Net-Trol.

Once clean and dry, the wood is ready for your chosen finish.

How to remove millglaze from new wood

New wood often has something called millglaze on it which is a coating that naturally occurs during the milling process. Millglaze creates a barrier on the wood, therefore hindering any finish from being able to saturate into the wood resulting in a poor finish.

Simply use Prepdeck to remove the millglaze and then neutralize the wood with Net-Trol.

The wood is now ready for finishing.

How to finish your decking

Aquadecks being applied to a deck

Once your wood has been suitably prepared, you are now ready to apply your finish.

Each finish requires slightly different ways of application. Some are quicker and easier than others, for instance, Tropitech enables the preparation and finish of your deck to be completed the same day as it can be applied to wet wood as well as dry.

This is just a simplified guide. For a fully comprehensive guide on the application of your chosen finish, be sure to check out their product pages and read the product information sheet thoroughly.

We hope you found this helpful. If you have any other tips or advice on all things decking related, feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

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