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How to clean untreated wood

If your wood has been left untreated it will probably have turned a grayish color and be covered in dirt and grime!

Before attempting to apply any sort of finish to it you should definitely use a wood cleaner to remove all this dirt and restore the wood’s natural color. This will also help the finish to penetrate as dirt and grease can prevent a good adherence and therefore lead to peeling and flaking.

What tools do I need to clean untreated wood?

You can use any of the following tools to use Net-Trol wood cleaner.

  • Stiff Bristled Nylon Brush/Broom
  • Synthetic Brush/Roller
  • Net-Trol

How do I use Net-Trol to clean my untreated wood?

  • Wet the surface with clean water
  • Apply Net-Trol wood cleaner with a synthetic brush or roller
  • Scrub the surface with a Stiff brush or broom
  • Leave it to work for 10-20 minutes
  • Scrub the surface whilst rinsing with water (you can use a pressure washer here if you wish)
  • Repeat if required

Please ensure that you allow your wood surfaces to dry for at least 48 hours before applying a finish.

Our video guide to cleaning untreated wood

Our Top Tips

  • Shake the container thoroughly before use
  • Cover areas you want to protect
  • Thoroughly wet plants and shrubs
  • Apply between 5˚C and 35˚C
  • Do not apply on a hot surface; product will dry too quickly.
  • If cleaning vertical wood, work from bottom to top to avoid streaking

Other uses for Net-Trol wood cleaner

Net-Trol is great for cleaning untreated wood surfaces and restoring their natural wood color but you can also use it for a number of other purposes including:

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