Patio with rust stains removed from tiles

How to clean rust stains from a patio

Unfortunately, rust stains are an all too common problem on patios and other stone or concrete areas. As garden furniture and equipment is often metal it can rust when exposed to the delightful British weather leaving unsightly marks on your patio. These stains can be particularly stubborn and generally cannot be removed using water alone – even if using a pressure washer. Don’t panic though, it is quite simple to remove rust stains with Owatrol’s Net-Trol by following our hot-to guide.

Yellow stianing to patio slabs
Rust damaged patio

Step 1: Wet the surface

First wet the surface with fresh clean water.

Step 2: Apply Net-Trol to the surface

Apply the Net-Trol cleaner with a stiff nylon scrubbing brush working in to the rust stain. Leave it to work for 10-20 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse and Scrub

Next scrub the surface with a stiff nylon scrubbing brush again and rinse with large amounts of fresh clean water (you could use a pressure washer here to make your job easier if you have one). For particularly stubborn rust stains you may need to repeat this process.

Net-Trol is not harmful to plants or animals so you don’t need to worry too much about covering surrounding areas – unless you don’t want them to get wet of course! We would however, recommend thoroughly wetting surrounding plants once you finish.

Preventing rust marks caused by garden furniture

To help to prevent rust marks from re-appearing we would recommend coating your garden furniture with Owatrol Oil – it will prevent damage caused by moisture and should help to prevent unsightly rust marks too. Owatrol Oil is a colorless and odorless rust inhibitor and provides enhanced corrosion protection.

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