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Polytrol rescues a garage door after 15 years of neglect

We were contacted recently by Phil, who needed some help restoring his fiberglas (GRP) garage door. He wasn’t sure which product to use so he got in touch and asked! We recommended Polytrol as it revives and restores the color of faded surfaces – it’s perfect for use on fiberglass as well as many other surfaces so great for Phil’s garage.

Phil got in touch again a couple of weeks later to let us know that he’d finished his garage door and he was delighted with the results. He said:

I am more than happy, I am delighted.  The door has now had two coats of Polytrol and looks as good as when it was fitted fifteen years ago.  In the past fifteen years the door has never been treated with any other product and to get these results is just amazing, just wish I’d known about this product a few years ago.

He sent us a picture of the finished door and we think it looks good as new too!

Garage door after applying Polytrol

If you have a similar project, we would recommend using Owatrol Polytrol as your solution. It’s a color restorer which revives the look of dull and faded plastics, GRP, metal, paint, tiles and more. It also helps to protect the surface against corrosion and blemishes due to its Owatrol Oil technology.

To apply, first ensure that any surface to be treated is clean, dry and free of grease. Then apply a generous layer of Polytrol and leave to work for 10-20 minutes. After this time, wipe away any excess Polytrol with a clean lint-free cloth or paper towel and allow 24 hours before use.

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