IPE garden deck protected with Deks Olje D1

IPE Garden deck protected with Deks Olje D1

This customer’s IPE decking (20 square meters) was in need of some TLC and Roger from R & A Pressure Washing Services Ltd. was brought in as the man for the job. He used Owatrol solutions to restore the deck and protect it for the future.

Don’t be deterred into thinking that you always need professional help to get your deck looking great though. We’ll take you through, step by step, to explain what Roger did so that if you’ve got a tired looking deck at home you can see exactly how to get it looking great again.

Garden decking before treatment with Owatrol solutions

Step 1: Use Prepdeck to strip any previous coatings & clean the deck

The first step you’ll need to complete is to remove any previous coatings from the deck with Prepdeck wood stripper. There are other strippers which may be better suited depending on the coating you are trying to remove.

To use Prepdeck, working in areas which can be completed in 15-30 minutes, simply scrub it into the surface of the wood and leave it to work. After a short while, test a small area by giving it a little scrub to see if the coating is lifting. If not, leave it for a little longer.

If it is then scrub the entire area with a stiff nylon brush, deck brush or power washer. Then rinse with plenty of water. Always work in the direction of the grain.

Step 2: Use Net-Trol to neutralize the wood and restore it’s natural color

After using a stripper you must neutralize the surface of the wood to prevent it from remaining active on the surface of the wood and interfering with the performance of the finish. To do this you use Net-Trol wood cleaner, with a very simple application process.

First wet the surface with fresh water (you won’t need to do this step if you’re doing it directly after rinsing off the stripper!). Then apply Net-Trol with a synthetic brush or roller and scrub the surface with a stiff brush.

Leave it to stand for 10-20 minutes. If it’s a particularly warm day and the surface starts to dry, dampen it with a mist application of water. Then scrub the surface whilst rinsing with water or use a pressure washer.

Now leave your wood to dry thoroughly before applying a protective finish.

Step 3: Protect your deck with a saturating wood oil

Before moving onto the protection, Roger sanded the surface of the deck and dusted it off. This step is not compulsory but many professionals do it to achieve a particularly smooth and sleek finish.

Many home owners choose a saturating wood oil to finish their deck as it allows for a natural look with a matte sheen finish. This enhances the beauty of the wood and at the same time protects the wood from within. This means there’s no risk of peeling or flaking.

Roger used Deks Olje D1, a saturating oil specifically designed for hardwoods, to protect this deck. It penetrates deep into the wood’s pores to provide excellent protection from damage caused by moisture and UV rays.

Deks Olje D1 is applied ‘wet-on-wet’ which means that you do not leave the wood to dry in-between coats, you keep applying coats one after the other until the wood cannot absorb any more oil and is ‘saturated’.

Work in areas which can be completed in about 15 minutes. Apply the initial coat and as soon as it has been absorbed apply the following coat.

Leave the final application for 30 minutes, then wipe over the surface to remove excess and avoid shiny spots.

Garden deck protected with Deks Olje D1

We think you’ll agree that Roger has created a stunning outdoor space for the customer. Follow our step by step instructions and your garden deck could be looking this good too.

Learn more about Deks Olje D1 by clicking here.

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