Sun-faded garage door revived with Polytrol

Our happy customer, Terry, shared with us these amazing before and after pictures of their faded garage doors. They were in need of restoration and so Terry decided to use Polytrol; our popular color restoring oil.

As you can see, the Nevada sun had badly damaged the door. The color was very pale and it had no shine left. Using another product such as paint could be timely, costly and ineffective, so they decided instead to use Polytrol color and shine restoring oil.

The garage door is approximately 8 years old and is subjected to the intense Las Vegas sun for the vast majority of the year.

Here’s what Terry had to say about Polytrol:

The faded garage door went from oxidized mess to an overnight miracle! Don’t paint your garage door! Polytrol works.

Even if the application has to be repeated every couple of years, the cost savings vs painting is tenfold. The biggest feature to the front of our home is now new again. The SW SUN is brutal on metal surfaces.

Polytrol on a garage door

What else can Polytrol be used on?

  • Composite front doors
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Car bumpers
  • Car bodywork
  • Boat gelcoat
  • Fiberglass
  • Restoring the shine to metal fixtures
  • Tiles, stone, terracotta, marble, slate, etc.

Please note that Polytrol cannot be used on any white surfaces.

Thank you so much for sending us over these amazing before and after images Terry! We love seeing how our customers transform their projects with Owatrol.

Do you have any before and after images using Owatrol products? Then please feel free to send them over to us at – we would love to see and share them!

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Faded garage door revived with Polytrol - Pinterest

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