News ยป Case Study: Yard furniture transformed with Owatrol Deco

Case Study: Yard furniture transformed with Owatrol Deco

This customer has used Owatrol Deco multi surface paint on a variety of yard furniture and with excellent results. In just a couple of simple steps they have transformed old, damaged and tired looking furniture into a real statement for the yard.

Owatrol Deco is a high gloss multi-surface paint which can be applied to any surface and acts as both a primer and finish all in one. Owatrol Deco doesn’t require any priming or undercoating before use and provides exceptional corrosion protection with excellent resistance to the effects of weathering and pollution. It can be applied directly to rusted surfaces as it penetrates down to the sound metal, providing long-lasting protection and extending the lifetime of the treated surface.


To use Owatrol Deco multi-surface paint you first need to ensure that your surface is clean, dry and free of any surface contaminants. You then simply apply 2 coats of Owatrol Deco, allowing drying time in between coats. It’s now ready!


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