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Case Study: Using Owatrol Oil to enhance the look of a vintage tractor

We recently had this lovely email from a customer who was trying out Owatrol Oil as a rust inhibitor on the recommendation of some of their readers – the customer is and editor of Tractor and Machinery. Unfortunately we don’t have any photographs of their project but we do have the kind words they have said about our product and their honest opinions and we can explain to you how they have used it.

Scott’s email said:

If there was one product we were itching to get our hands on, it was this! We’d heard so many good things about Owatrol Oil that we wanted to see if the hype was deserved. It’s worth explaining that there are several strings to this product’s bow. It can be used as a rust inhibitor, paint conditioner or for impregnating wood, but we used it as instructed by readers in a bid to enhance the look of an original tractor. Owatrol Oil allows you to achieve that ‘oily rag’ look, without the mess, while stopping rust and protecting the base metal from further rusting, eliminating moisture and penetrating down to the sound metal. We cleaned up the tinwork of our tractor before applying Owatrol Oil with a clean rag and achieved some excellent results. Yes, it’s expensive, but you don’t need that much to achieve the desired effect, so it should last a while.

He also took the time to rate (out of 5*) Owatrol Oil against some common indicators and here’s what he thought:

  • Container/package: ****
  • Usability/ease of use: *****
  • Effectiveness: *****
  • Value for money: ***
  • Total: 17/20 – a pretty good score!

We know that Owatrol Oil may seem a little expensive but as Scott says, a little does go a long way so you will find that even a small tin can serve you well for many jobs! Scott used his Owatrol Oil neat and applied it to the metal work of the tractor with a rag to protect the rusted areas from further damage and to bring out the shine of the metalwork.

Scott is right, Owatrol Oil colorless oil and is a somewhat complicated product which many customers find confusing as it can fulfill so many roles. For starters, Owatrol Oil is a rust inhibitor which can be used directly on rusted surfaces as it penetrates through the rust to the sound metal below, isolating and stabilizing it to prevent further damage. However, that’s not all – Owatrol Oil can also be used as a paint conditioner for oil-based paints and works in a similar way as Easy Flow does in water-based paints in that it maintains the wet edge for longer allowing you to work with the paint in more difficult conditions as well as eliminate brush and roller marks. It also improves paint adhesion, especially to unstable surfaces, and can help to prevent peeling and blistering. In addition to these jobs, Owatrol Oil can be used as a penetrating wood protection product which saturates the wood and prevents damage caused by moisture and UV rays – with the added benefit that it will also be protecting any metal parts too such as hinges, latches and bolts.

But that’s not all, Owatrol Oil has many other purposes and can even be used for jobs such as sealing patio slabs and also allows you to paint directly onto rusted metal when used as a primer. There are many more uses for Owatrol Oil – we won’t go into each and every one here – but if you know a different job you use Owatrol Oil for then please leave a comment below, it will be interesting to see what a wide range of purposes our customers are using it for!

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