Pool house painted with SCS

Case Study: Protecting a pool house with Solid Color Stain

We love having pictures sent to us by customers of their Owatrol projects, it’s really great to see the different uses people have for our products. Michael has kindly shared with us some pictures of a recent renovation he has completed of his pool house, using Net-Trol to clean the wood and restore its original color before protecting and finishing with Solid Color Stain in Robin’s Egg. We’ll take you through the process so you can see how he has achieved his finished look.

Step 1: Use Net-Trol to clean the wood

Wood which has been left untreated will, over time, turn grey due to damage caused to the fibers of the surface of the wood by exposure to the sun and rain. In addition, the wood will accumulate dust, dirt and other surface contaminants which build up over however long it has been exposed. These can interfere with a finish being applied and prevent it from doing its job correctly so it is necessary to first clean the wood.

Net-Trol wood cleaner and color restorer is easy to apply and performs two basic tasks; firstly it removes dirt build-up and secondly it restores the wood’s natural color. To clean his pool house Michael first applied the Net-Trol to the wood when wet, scrubbing it into the surface of the wood before leaving it to work for 10-20 minutes and then rinsing with water. He would have needed to work in sections with such a large surface to clean but as you can see it looked pretty good when he was done.

Poolhouse cleaned with Net-trol- Michael Marks

Step 2: Protect the wood with Solid Co lour Stain colored opaque wood finish

Once the wood was clean, it needed at least 48 hours to dry before a finish could be applied. Michael wanted a colored opaque wood finish which would keep his pool house looking at its best with minimal required maintenance. Solid Color Stain is guaranteed against peeling and flaking for 15 years on vertical surfaces when applied correctly to clean, bare wood and maintenance is likely not to be required for up to 5 years! It gives an opaque colored finish available in 34 different colors and has excellent adhesion with long-lasting performance.

To apply Solid Colour Stain, Michael applied an initial coat and waited at least 4 hours before applying a second and final coat. He worked in sections, continuing to a logical break point at a window or door frame and worked from top to bottom on each vertical section. Michael chose to use Robin’s Egg for a stylish look for his pool house which compliments the tiled roof and light colored patio perfectly. We think it looks beautiful!

Poolhouse painted in SCS

We love it when customers get in touch to tell us about their project. If you’re proud of yours and you’d like to share it with us the please do get in touch.

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