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Take a look through our Woodcare Archives. With such a wide variety of wood care products, we’re confident Owatrol will have the perfect product for you.

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Deck after Textrol has been applied

We’re always grateful when customers send us photographs throughout their project using Owatrol. This week we’d like to share a deck renovation using three Owatrol solutions – the customer’s deck had a previous coating to remove first, before cleaning and retreating. Stripping your deck Owatrol has several products for stripping previous coatings from wood surfaces. […]

Aquadecks applied to a garden deck

We have written a comprehensive Decking Guide which takes you through step by step from choosing the type of deck you are looking for, to preparing your deck for finishing and even maintaining it for years to come. We’ve also included some great ideas and inspiration if you’re struggling to find exactly what you want. […]

Maintaining your yard deck

This post focuses on the maintenance needed on your deck to keep it looking at its best. If you’ve followed our previous advice and used a good quality decking protection product then your maintenance should only need to be minimal and does depend on which product you have used. We’ll discuss the maintenance needed for […]

Preparing your deck for a new finish

From this point on we are presuming that you have followed our guidance in the previous post on treating your deck when it is new. Assuming that your deck has now either weathered with Seasonite for its first 6-12 months or that it has been untreated until now, you should follow our simple steps to having […]

New deck finished with Seasonite

In this week’s post, we are looking into the different ways to protect your decking. Whether it’s new or weathered and for whichever finish you are looking for. Protecting a brand new deck In almost all situations we would always recommend treating a brand new deck with a specific new wood protection such as Owatrol’s […]


This is the first in a series of posts we will be running over the next few weeks to help with choosing, installing and maintaining a deck in your garden. In this post we will be giving a brief rundown of the main types of decking available as well as some of the main positives […]

Textrol applied to cladding and garden deck

Picture the scene, your garden was once full of lovely new wood and it looked great so you sat back on your deck chair and enjoyed it – yey! Then winter came, and summer again, and then another winter…and now your wood is grey, dirty and may even be beginning to split or crack in […]