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Deks Olje D2 - High gloss wood oil

Flexible high gloss oil varnish for interior and exterior wood

  • Flexes and moves with the wood so will not craze, peel, flake or blister
  • No sanding between coats and simple ‘touch-up’ maintenance with no stripping
  • Highly transparent varnish which enhances the natural beauty of the wood
  • For use after Deks Olje D1 has been applied
  • Can be used in a marine environment for all applications above the waterline

Polytrol 0.5L Color Restorer

Color restorer for dull or faded surfaces including car trims

  • Restores the color and appearance of dull and faded surfaces caused by exposure to sunlight, rain and pollution
  • Deep penetrating oil that restores the original look and

    finish to gelcoat, plastic, metal and other surfaces

  • Protects against corrosion and blemishes
  • On bare metals Polytrol restores the shine and protects against corrosion

Marine Strip anti-fouling stripper

Solvent-free paint and antifouling stripper for marine use

  • Simply strip by rinsing with water
  • Does not dry, long active work time - up to 24 hours
  • Removes up to 8 coats of paint, varnish, stains, anti-fouling at one application
  • Easy to apply gel consistency which will not run - ideal for vertical surfaces
  • Safe to use on all surfaces except aluminium, this includes G.R.P.

We hope that you have managed to find all that you need from this site but if not then please contact us.

Outdoor Wood Treatment

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Net-Trol 2.5L Wood Cleaner

Wood cleaner, neutralizer and color restorer

  • Lightens and restores color to all grayed, weathered wood without bleaching
  • Non-aggressive - harmless to plants, shrubs and surface being cleaned
  • Can clean and rejuvenate, plastic, gel coat, stone and cement
  • Fast-acting - restores wood to its natural color in just 15 minutes
  • Can be used as a neutralizer after using Aquanett, Prepdeck or another stripper

Aquanett 2.5L wood oil cleaner

Solvent-free wood oil remover which strips new and old oils

  • Removes previously applied oils including teak oil from any external wood surface
  • Restores the natural color of the wood
  • Gel consistency will not run making it ideal for vertical surfaces
  • Prepares wood for a new coating, improving penetration and adhesion
  • Suitable for environmentally sensitive areas

Aquadecks 2.5L Wood Stain

Water-based penetrating finish for new and weathered wood

  • Easily apply directly to both new and weathered wood
  • Provides advanced UV protection, preventing the wood from fading
  • Highly penetrative formula guarantees no peeling or flaking
  • Protects the wood from warping, splitting and cracking
  • Easy to apply and maintain – no sanding or stripping required